Poker World Enraged By GGPoker’s Misogyny

By Ben Hamill - March 12 2021

Poker World Enraged By GGPoker’s Misogyny

GGPoker have pulled the plug on their affiliate deal with women’s Poker-pro Vanessa Kade. And the Poker world is divided in its reaction. Kade earlier this week announced the termination on Twitter, confirming that the popular Poker network had terminated her affiliate account in the aftermath of her criticism of recently signed brand ambassador and known misogynist Dan Bilzerian.

Instead of receiving a well-deserved apology from the controversial King of Instagram, not to mention the GGPoker network, Kade has now been left in the lurch for daring to challenge Bilzerian’s disgraceful comments about women in a public space.

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The Day It All Fell Down

GGPoker several weeks ago made a massive publicity stunt out of their decision to partner with the FLIP Facebook Group and Outreach and Community advocate Daiva Byrne.

But against the backdrop of a misogynistic Dan Bilzerian’s public war declared on Kade only shortly after her affiliate deal signing with GGPoker, Byrne will soon have realised that what she had signed up for wasn’t quite what had been advertised in the media.

Even so, instead of encouraging the popular Poker network brand to apologise to Kade over what was said to her by Bilzerian, or better yet, to make a strong statement by dismissing the Instagram playboy, Byrne has seemingly failed in her mandate to represent women in Poker. And even though it would probably be unfair to hold Byrne accountable for everyone else’s failures, her affiliation with GGPoker is in all likelihood a bust now too.

GGPoker All Talk

Byrne’s and GGPoker’s talk about diversity and gender inclusion over the last few weeks had obviously been nothing more than empty lip service. GGPoker made a big ado of International Women’s Day by hosting a promotional freeroll tournament for charity on the day, but then went on to undo all of the good work by blasting Kade instead of Bilzerian.

But unlike GGPoker, other Poker sites have actually gone the entire way in their support of inclusion and gender equality. Industry giant PokerStars, for example, leads several diversity programs – the latest of which had been announced on March 8. PokerStars latest female insights community initiative, “Our Voices”, is a space where players can go to interact on and discuss a range of female-focused topics and general activities geared specifically at women.

Also working the female empowerment scene is partypoker, who on International Women’s Day announced new partnerships in collaboration with the Tech Girls Movement Foundation and with Girls Who Code.

It sure seems as if GGPoker has missed the mark this time around.

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