Poker’s Phil Galfond Makes A Surreal Comeback

By Ben Hamill - April 15 2020

Poker’s Phil Galfond Makes A Surreal Comeback

It wasn’t all that long ago that Run It Once Poker celebrity Phil Galfond took to Twitter to publicly bemoan his supposed fate playing Pot-Limit Omaha against online opponent VeniVidi1993. A clearly deflated Galfond wrote on Twitter how he needed to take a break from his own challenge as he had reached a point where it had become impossible for him to even as much as gather his own thoughts, let alone make accurate readings and decisions during play.

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But never one to back down at a challenge, and clearly least of all his own, Galfond whilst hovering at a loss of well in excess of €900k, decided in to resume play opposite his online opponent in March. He at the time described himself stuck in a rut of sorts, unsure as to whether he had slid down the ultimate professional slippery slope causing him to lose his mojo for however long, or whether it was simply a case of a bad run against an opponent more worthy of a win than he.

Small Win – Big Victory

But March was March, and Galfond was back. And by the time he got around to playing the last of his hands on Sunday past against an online opponent he has since described as a worthy opponent, a player who is super easy on the schedule and timeline, and an overall awesome dude, he was officially €1,671.58 in the black, as opposed to his prior situation of at least €900,240.17 in the red.

The €1,671.58 profited by Galfond may seem particularly small a victory but when considering that not only has he made a remarkable comeback, but also that his small win is accompanied by an additional €100,000 side-bet bonus, it really isn’t all that marginal a triumph. 

Next Up: Bill Perkins

Galfond has described the start of the Poker challenge as an experience that has proved helpful in terms of his having realised that he would continue to enjoy the support of his fans irrespective of whether he lost or won. He thanked the social media community for its ongoing support and also gave wind of the fact that he would commence the next leg of the challenge; the one against Bill Perkins and The Thirst Lounge; as soon as in a matter of days. A definite schedule has not yet been announced, but word should be available soon.  

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