Phil Galfond Resumes Challenge

By Ben Hamill - March 17 2020

Phil Galfond Resumes Challenge

Pot-Limit Omaha master and Run It Once Poker-pro Phil Galfond is on the money-mend after having a little over a week ago resumed attempting to win at his own heads-up challenge and having re-engaged on the battle field with fellow online-challenger VeniVidi1993, has recovered at least 40% of his losses.

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A total of 15 sessions earlier on this year in February quickly saw him a little over €900k out of pocket, which ultimately led to him calling a hiatus in order to clear his head and regroup. March 1st saw him taking up the challenge yet again and so far, it’s been a month much kinder to him than what had been the month of love.

March Is A New Day

Despite the fact that his overall losses remain quite significant, a 40% improvement is nothing to scoff at. It also helps that of the 8 sessions played so far in March, Galfond has lost only 2. This certainly is a much more positive situation that what winning only 2 out of 15 sessions was back in February. When one’s brand is one’s persona, losing can be rather detrimental, especially so when losing is a monumental affair.

But March 4 saw the old Galfond bounce back to his regular style with a session that saw him profit €183,481.48, which really is good going in anyone’s books. He then took a slight slump, losing the second, but bounced back again soon enough during round 3. And all in all, as things currently stand, not only has he managed to dodge “two losses in row” so far, but he’s also up some €357,090.61. Not bad going for a man who previously only barely managed to keep it together.

Phil Galfond Is Back

Galfond has in the meantime also declared that it remains “on” with most of the other players he had lined up for his challenge late last year. Each of his matches will be subject to a hand-limit and a side-bet. This has apparently not been re-negotiated, despite the challenger’s less than favourable February run.

He may have started out slow, but what he has managed to do with roaring success was to create a great deal of positive hype around Pot-Limit Omaha and his own particular brand of play. Various other contenders remain in the pipeline at this stage of the proceedings, with Brandon Adams, Bill Perkins and Luke Schwartz being some of the big names scheduled to play the man and his challenge at some point in the near future.

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