Melika Razavi Wins First WSOP Gold Bracelet

By Ben Hamill - September 09 2020

Melika Razavi Wins First WSOP Gold Bracelet

Supermodel beauty and former Miss Global Iran Melika Razavi has officially shown herself to be not only drop dead gorgeous, but also a super smart player at the Poker felt by having just won a highly coveted World Series of Poker Online gold bracelet.

Razavi following a gruelling 13 hours of play won her very first WSOP career bracelet after defeating a massive field some 2,024 rival players strong. By the time the dust eventually managed to settle, it was none other than Melika “Melirazavii” Razavi at the receiving end of not only the highest honour in WSOP Poker, but also a fantastic $239,180 in grand prize money.

Though best known for her career in beauty pageantry, Razavi has for many years been a regular contender on the felt, with her most recent score being her highest yet, and effectively beating the $56,120 in fifth-place prize money she won during a Cyprus tournament played in 2018.

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The Final Table Fallen

By the time the $1,050 buy-in Beat The Pros No-Limit Hold’em action had progressed all the way to the final table, it had been Peter Chien firmly positioned in the chip-lead. Razavi and Andre Difelice were at that particular point a tie with the next-biggest chip stacks.

First to fall would be Vadim Stoyanov (9th - $20,704), with his pocket eights ousted as such by Razavi’s A-K. At that point in the lead thanks to the king-high flop, Razavi would proceed to hold said lead all the way through the river.  

Next to fall – and this time round at the hands of WPT champion Dylan Linde – would be two-time WSOP bracelet winner Elio Fox (8th - $28,450), followed shortly after by initial chip-leader Peter Chien (7th - $40,251).

Mile Leah (6th - $41,892), Martin Zamani (5th - $51,081), Leonid Yanovski (4th - $66,056), and Andre Difelice (3rd - $114,413) would all ultimately follow the leave-lead, leaving in the end WPT master Dylan Linde in a heads-up dual opposite the awe-inspiring Melika Razavi.

A Well-Deserved Win

By the time the game had proceeded into the final death-knell stages, it had been Razavi firmly positioned in a 2:1 chip lead. Some nerve-wrecking hands and about 10 big blinds later, it almost appeared as if Linde would be the one going for the gold bracelet kill – which, incidentally, had he been successful, would also have been his first career bracelet won.

But the day would ultimately belong to Melika Razavi and a stunning rivered full house walking all over her worthy big-name opponent’s runner-up hand, earning the former Miss Global Iran her very first piece of WSOP jewelry.

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