Floplay Set To Revolutionize Poker at Home

By Ben Hamill - December 16 2018

Floplay Set To Revolutionize Poker at Home

Every once in a while, someone comes up with a piece of technology that when released, no one can imagine ever having lived without. We have a strong suspicion that is going to be the story of Floplay, a useful bit of Poker technology that is currently being developed. Any Poker play worth their salt will tell you that major tournaments and lavish casino tables aside, the true joy of the game will always be found in a round or ten of home Poker instead.

In fact, this is where most people first develop a love for playing cards. Down in someone’s basement guzzling beer and listening to stories with a group of friends around a table that has probably seen better days. This is the essence of Poker: friendship, sharing stories and having fun.

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A Turnkey Solution

That having been said, rules are rules and when playing Poker, the rules are very much what makes the game into the enjoyable pastime that it is. But when the fun is flowing it’s easy to forget who exactly is supposed to have the button in hand or what the blind levels are. And this is exactly where the nifty little piece of equipment being developed by Floplay comes in very handy.

What it is, in essence, is your very own tournament director. By making use of card protector technology, the device is able to keep track of everything from checks to bets to raises to folds. And it’s not rocket science to operate either. We’d be willing to bet the bank on the fact that stone cold sober isn’t a pre-requisite. Players indicate checks by each making use of their own Floplay device in the way of taps, shaking and double taps. The guards on the device then light up to indicate the particular action.

Floplay even promises to appease that one player that’s always keeping track of the clock and calling a tank on every hand. Let’s not beat around the bush; every group of friends has one of those!

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Bringing Modern To The Table

For now, Floplay is still in its prototype stage and its creators are raising the necessary funds in order to start production via a crowd sourcing initiative. Grand plans are in the pipeline for the future, including the ability to connect to a smartphone app for statistics storage and data analysis.

Floplay hopes to welcome home Poker games into the 21st Century.