Dvoress Wins 1st GGPoker Super MILLION$

By Ben Hamill - May 14 2021

 Dvoress Wins 1st GGPoker Super MILLION$

Canadian Daniel Dvoress has finally done it. The Poker-pro, following his May 11 rampage on the felt, can now tick off yet another major milestone: GGPoker Super MILLION$. And although certainly nothing to smirk at, the fantastic $394,852 paycheck is likely playing second fiddle to the highly coveted prestige tournament win.

But for the Canadian, it wasn’t easy sailing off the bat at all. Ami Barer, for one, entered the final table action with enough chips to fund a coo. Dvoress’ fellow countryman would however be the first to check out, scoring a not-too-shabby $61,387 for his efforts.

Dvoress, in the meantime, got his piece of the final table action cracking at second place in the chip standings, and would ultimately go on to make that work for him in convincing fashion.

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The Mass Weeding

The eighth place ended up going to Moroccan rival Idris Ambraisse, who fell short as a result of a minimum raise to 160,000 from Canadian Guillaume Nolet made with an ace-queen vs. his opponent’s king-jack. It all came to a screeching halt for Ambraisse, however, as Nolet had a queen on the flop by the time it came to the river – and with a three-bet all in powering him home.

By the time Mike Watson busted out next in seventh, the lake had become considerably less predator infested. This led to all the bottom-rankers coming in behind Dvoress, but even so, by then guaranteed of a cool six-figures in prize money.

Next out would be UK ace Preben Stokkan for $155,688 at number 5, with Canadian Guillaume Nolet making his final bow shortly after for $196,472 at number four. Three hands were all it took to send Nolet packing, with the first seeing him double up before going on to flop the set. After doubling up again, this time with the stack of the UAE’s DaiMin141319, it wouldn’t be long before Nolet too was dead in the water.

Riveting Final Trio Play

Faltering out in third would be yet another Canadian final table contender, as McDavid97’s ace-king fell horribly short to DaiMing141319’s ten at th4e turn.

The UAE stud, suddenly in a heads-up thriller with Dvoress, would ultimately make his way no further than the final hand at 200,000/4000,000/50,000 level, with the Canadian’s wit and big blind stack boosted by ace-six too big a challenge for DaiMing141319’s suited king-jack. Dvoress would ultimately emerge the eventual victor from an ace-high and incredible ability to keep his wits about him.

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