Connor Drinan Wins Final WSOP Bracelet

By Ben Hamill - September 13 2020

Connor Drinan Wins Final WSOP Bracelet

His is a win that wrapped up a super successful and record-smashing World Series of Poker online tournament. His name is Connor Drinan and he’s the United States player to have won the final available WSOP bracelet – along with a phenomenal $1.4 million in winner’s prize money. 

Drinan’s WSOP Super MILLION$ bracelet win saw him cruise past his opponents within a particularly short amount of time. A 150 minutes-long set was all it took for the champion American player to make his way into the final remaining seat. And a seat, at that, that saw him successfully bagging more prize money than his total career winnings so far combined. 

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First Four Goodbyes 

By the time the final table of 9 had been established, short-stacked Kenneth Smaron would soon discover the short-timed nature of his final table fate, what with it having taken Canadian Christopher Kruk all of one hand to oust the U.S. player from the ultimate money run (9th - $110,389). 

Next out, in 8th place, would be Russia’s Arsenii Malinov (8th - $152,113). Malinov’s queen-jack simply proved no match for Christopher Kruk’s straight and flush draw. 

In 7th position, in a spectacular hero-to-zero move, would end up being ousted the up-until-then ouster Christopher Kruk (7th - $209,609). Daniyar Aubakirov’s ace-ten practically ran circles around his Canadian rival’s pocket jacks.  The Russian’s number-7 ousting of Kruk would ultimately lead the way toward a 6th-place booting of India player and initial final table-leader Surah Mishra (6th – S288,836) from the winner’s circle by none other than Drinan himself. 

The Final Five

Onward to the final-5, it would be French player Sylvain Loosli (5th - $398,010) saying his goodbyes next up, and this time round falling to an ace-deuce hand played by Connor Drinan. His king-four, though all in, wouldn’t prove good enough to seem him (Loosli) progress any further than a 5th-place finish. 

Next-up-unlucky would be U.S. player Chris Oliver (4th - $548,450) and Russia Poker champ Viktor Ustimov (3rd - $755,754), both of which would be made to fall at the hands of by now-runaway-train Drinan, all of which would ultimately lead to a heads-up challenger between Drinan and Kazakhstan Poker-pro Daniyar Aubakirov (2nd - $1,041,414). 

But though he would end up putting a superbly tenacious fight for the big win, it simply wasn’t to be for Aubakirov. After having repeatedly doubled up several times when left remaining with a short stack, he eventually had no other option but to bow to the dominating force that is Connor Drinan. 

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