Doug Polk Says Malinowski-Holz Was Staged

By Ben Hamill - March 10 2021

Doug Polk Says Malinowski-Holz Was Staged

Doug Polk is accusing Fedor Holz and Wiktor “Limitless” Malinowski of having staged their recent heads-up match. So convinced was he of his opinion, that he ended his coverage of the competition early, saying that he had been insulted by the (non)quality of the play already during the first session.

Polk, who is notoriously famous for his super attention to detail, said he was wholly unimpressed by some of the “exploitive” moves made by Malinowski early on in the match. He highlighted the example of Malinowski’s 7©6§ raise on a J¨Jª3¨ flop, saying the Polish heads-up expert had elected to go with the worst possible remedy for a bluff of this variety. And the fact that the Polish Poker-pro steamrolled all the way though to a barreling turn and river only further supported Polk in his suspicion.

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Polk Calls Shenanigans

As the weird and unusual play wore on, Polk’s disappointment turned into obvious disbelief at the outlandish proceedings. He eventually went as far as referring to the debacle as “horrible, horrible Poker”, and a clear and brazenly obvious publicity stunt.

Polk grew increasingly more impatient and unwilling to engage further as Holz continued to grow his kitty – not to mention increasingly more unconvinced that what Malinowski was doing had been in line with what a full-time professional Poker player of his stature would have done under fair and ordinary circumstances.

And this all from a Polk who – unusual for him – during the days leading up to the match, didn’t seem to have any opinion one way or the other regarding his own personal rating of either player. Even so, he insisted that based on past performance and experience, when compared to Malinowski, Fedor Holz was nowhere to be found on the points ladder.

Too Good To Be True

Polk did however offer some credit in favour of Holz around the 2-hour mark of the proceedings. But even so, he clearly still could not believe what was playing out right before his eyes as far as Malinowski was concerned.

Polk eventually called halt on the streaming proceedings when Holz reached into the $90,000-mark in the black, clearly no longer able to entertain the endless succession of mistakes on the part of Malinowski.

Since hundreds of thousands of dollars had been bet on the match, with individual bets reaching all the way to the $50k mark on a single session alone, there’s no doubt we’ve not heard the last of the spectacle yet – especially not with Polk fuelling the fires of speculation and conspiracy.

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