PokerStars & Team Furia Ink eSports Deal

By Ben Hamill - November 06 2020

PokerStars & Team Furia Ink eSports Deal

The world of eSports is living an explosive boom not showing signs of settling down anytime soon. And riding the wave of success by making the most of every new opportunity to come its way is online Poker titan PokerStars – courtesy of a stellar new partnership set to combine the world of Poker and the explosive universe that is competitive video gaming into one magnificent co-existence.

Now officially in partnership with eSports’ Team Furia, an eSports organisation based in Brazil, the PokerStars brand now gets to become a creative driving force behind unique new content about to be offered to the Poker and eSports communities at large.

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Poker And eSports A DNA Hook-Up

The partnership is also the driving force behind an all-new team of streamers now entering the global entertainment scene – including Furia chief executive André Akkari, who also happens to be an official ambassador for the PokerStars brand, and top-earning female Poker pro Lali Tournier.

According to Akkari, the very fibre of the Furia brand is naturally rooted in Poker. So much so, that Akkari describes Poker to play a natural part in the eSports’ brands DNA makeup. Both Poker and eSports are based on the principle of making the best possible decisions in the present moment, so as to work toward optimal long-term results, said Akkari.

Since Furia is looking to expand beyond the world of competitive video gaming, said the CEO, a Poker-driven partnership is considered the next logical step.

Celebrating A Phenomenal Year

It has been a grand past 12 months for the PokerStars brand – with progress made in leaps and bounds in the Poker-crazy U.S. The online Poker brand is currently celebrating its first year in operation in the state of Pennsylvania. And to celebrate, PokerStars are hosting a super-special 1st Anniversary Series.

Set to commence on November 8 and to run through November 16, are 35 tournament events offering to competitors their share of a crazy total of US$1 million in guaranteed prize money up for grabs. A variety of daily gaming will be on offer catering for every preference, including 8-Max, PKOs, and more.

Every conceivable bankroll has been catered for also – making super Poker tournament-style fun accessible to all.  At a super-low US$100 buy-in, players will get to compete for their share of the US$200,000 Main Event prize pool. And at only US$20, those interested in the special Mini Main Event will get to play for a whopping US$25,000.

Enjoy Poker AND eSports online. Play and Bet to WIN!