NY’s Underground Poker Secrets Revealed

By Ben Hamill - May 16 2019

NYC’s Dark And Dingy Underground Poker Secrets

New York. The Big Apple. Also, not surprisingly, home to a recently exposed thriving underground illegal Poker network. A network that has, since having had its dodgy ins and outs revealed by an unnamed dealer and inside source on Reddit, achieved sudden if unwanted fame on Reddit. The source, a man who goes by the name of Julius (obviously not his real name) tells the story of how he had searched the ether and specifically the sub-Reddit scene for quite some time, expecting to find something that echoed his own underground-experiences. But surprisingly, there was nothing quite like his own story to be found.

Despite his having been exceptionally nervous at the time of his first post having gone live, the reaction from the Poker community has been unexpectedly positive. Hundreds of dealers, players and fans were sitting in wait for the next chapter to the revealed, all hungry for the next tit-bit of inside scoop.

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Escaping the Rot-Race

Julius, to this day still deeply engrossed in the world of Poker, albeit no longer in New York’s dingy underground scene, has been living in Vegas for quite some time. Now, with a sufficient amount of time and space between himself and Poker’s sometimes-rotten apple, he’s ready to for the very first time to tell all about his experiences whilst dealing for the game’s dirtiest players.

The entire thing had started when people had started to question him about his previous experiences. He now deals for a couple of Vegas venues and says that players always have questions of where a dealer has worked and dealt in the past. The minute people become aware that someone has worked and dealt in New York, they’re glued to the spot, says the former NYC dealer, eager and demanding to hear more. They mostly want to hear about stories involving the big cheats and the celebrity players, and most juicy of all, the stories that involve both.

And so it came to pass that Julius realised that his accounts of what had gone down during his almost 15 years of NYC-Poker service, was nothing short of high-demand, hot-commodity news.

Not A Trained Writer

Telling the story in writing did not come easy, recalls Reddit’s latest sensation. After yet another conversation about a group of curious cats about his New York Poker adventures he arrived home one evening and on an impulse decided to start writing about what life was like for a 16-year old underground Poker fan.

Before he knew it, recalls Julius, he had written an entire chapter spanning 3 years of his life. Despite having had no formal training as a writer, Julius says that he enjoys telling stories and articulating his feelings and experiences.

But despite his love of the game, and his newfound fame as a whistle-blower, Julius has no desire to start playing Poker for a living. He’s perfectly content making a living as a dealer, and even more content no longer having to fear the dangers lurking around 5th Avenue New York.

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