Covid-19 Push To Legalise Online Poker in US

By Ben Hamill - March 21 2020

Covid-19 Push To Legalise Online Poker in US

According to data provided by PokerScout, online games on PokerStars’ platforms attracted more than 2,700 cash game players on Tuesday alone. And in Italy, there were roughly 5,000 players at online tables on the same day, which represents roughly double the regular number of players during peak hours. This certainly seems to indicate that whilst covid-19 may not be good for business in general, casinos temporarily closing up shot may mean a major boost to the online Poker industry.

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And really, it stands to good reason that this will be so. The Coronavirus pandemic has basically brought live Poker to an ear-splitting halt as fears mount about the increasing threat posed by the virus.

Not A Priority Now

Whether or not lawmakers will actually concede to the sensibility behind finally legalising online Poker remains to be seen and its obvious too that amending gambling legislation can’t be expected to be at the top of any government’s list of priorities right now. But the fact that online gaming may be a sure way out of the depths of economic disaster cannot be ignored either.

It’s truly an interesting concept that online businesses; and that includes online casinos; have the capacity to not only survive the challenges posed by global pandemics such as the Coronavirus, but that these businesses would even flourish. As far as online casinos and online Poker rooms go, these may in actual fact, when administered correctly, act as a hedge protector of sorts against land-based casinos, i.e. its then a case of alibi instead of market rival.

Change Not Likely Right Now

But when all is said and done, online Poker remains a controversial issue from a legislative point of view. Players should probably not bargain on online Poker being legalised in more U.S. states anytime soon. Aside from the fact that governments now have much bigger fish to fry what with human lives and livelihood currently on the line, the passing of a single bill can take more than a year.

Only four U.S. states currently allow online Poker from a legal perspective. This results in players either having to play offshore; which comes with its own set of risks; or not playing at all when playing live isn’t a possibility.

In the meantime, players will obviously have to make do with what they have. But it’s going to be quite interesting to see how it all plays out in the longer run and whether or not online Poker will eventually catch a break.

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