Comparing Online Poker to Other Casino Games

By Ben Hamill - June 07 2016

Casino games have been around for many years, and the most popular games from one era tend to remain popular in other ears as well. But every shift in the medium leads to a new set of considerations that could push one game slightly ahead of others. For example, with the move to the online casino, the humble slots game has suddenly emerged as the big winner. Game developers have taken advantage of the simple structure of the game to use it as a platform for some of the wildest flights of imagination in the world of gaming.

There are currently well over 500 online slots games available, taking virtually every form imaginable. When developers started to make the games more theme based, with graphics and sound combining with theme to create an immersive experience, slots became the face of the online casino. But are slots the best games for people looking for the highest possible returns? That’s a common question, and one that’s been answered recently by Ron Wocatz at PokerFuse.

Wocatz examined which games in the online casino have the highest RTP (return to players) in the online casino. The return to players is how large a percentage of the money bet on games ends up going back to the players compared to how much stays at the casino. He noted that games like poker and blackjack, which are essentially consistent in rules and playing platforms, offer an RTP ranging from mid to high 90s. Slots, however, range widely between low to high 90s because of the wide divergence of the games.

What Makes a Game so Satisfying?

Wocatz’s stats show that some slots games offer high levels of return, but knowing which ones requires extensive research into the game’s rules. On average, however, poker and other card games and even the classic table games like roulette, are more consistent. That means that they are more reliable as indicators over a period of time. Interestingly, Wocatz also notes that the online versions of casino games have greater returns on average than brick and mortar casinos, which offer an RTP only around the 80s.

He attributes the higher return in online casino games to the fact that competition is higher, since there are so many online casinos accessible to so many people. It’s certainly true that online casinos have to compete harder and therefore provide better rates of return to players. But if competition were the main factor, then online slots would offer the best of all, since there are so many more slots games than all of the other games combine in the online casino.

Another strong factor in why online poker is one of the best games for RTP could be the fact that it combines skill and luck in a way that slots games don’t. So while slots offer the perfect expression of luck in the online casino – simply spin the reels and hope they match up properly – the games that add a level of skill may provide that slight edge that shows up in the RTP stats. And since online video poker is against a computer, not a live dealer, a player’s poker skills could be a real advantage.

Connecting Poker to the Online Casino

Poker fans may be pleased to see that their favorite game has started to emerge from the pack at the online casino at least by some statistics, but there is no reason for any player, no matter how loyal, to limit him or herself to one game. The beauty of online casino sites like All Slots Casino is that they offer opportunities for just about every game under the sun. That means there are games for every mood and every occasion, not just every taste level. Of course, a site that offers more games is also going to offer more variations of online poker as well, so everyone wins.

At the end of the day, people play the games they love because the games themselves are fun and exciting, not because there is a statistical advantage when it comes to pay outs. People who love poker love the way the game is played, and they will continue to choose poker even if statistics were to start showing that RTP has improved with slots or roulette. And we should all be grateful for the opportunity to choose from such a huge array of choices.