Dan Colman Issues PSA On Sean Perry

By Ben Hamill - May 12 2021

Dan Colman Issues PSA On Sean Perry

So convinced is Poker pro Dan Colman that he’s been had by Sean Perry for a cool $1 million, that he’s now taken to Twitter to warn the general Poker public about the supposed scam. Colman on the weekend tweeted a PSA to the Poker community, warning players not to bet with Perry, since according to Colman, Perry is most likely a scammer and a crook.

Colman then went on to support his claim by explaining that he believed there to be a high possibility that Perry had taken him (Colman) for a 7-figure ride while the pair had been wagering on daily fantasy sports. And that what had made him even more sure of his suspicion had been the fact that Perry had refused to have the bets in question arbitrated by an outside party.

His big social media announcement was however met with a mixed bag of responses from the community. While most appeared sympathetic towards his plight, others suggested that he had essentially been the author of his own demise by being so wide-eyed and trusting when taking bets. Others yet, went another step further by insinuating that Colman could very well have been scammed by his own DFS partner, Sam Soverel, by the latter having colluded underhandedly with Perry.

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Cahoots May Have Been At Play

The entire debacle originated from high-stakes Daily Fantasy Sports (DSF) fun clearly gone very wrong between Perry and Soverel. Each of the two would draft three DFS accounts from a pool totalling six. According to Colman, Perry had wanted more action and suggested taking Soverel’s side.

The behaviour of the bottom three accounts in the pool is apparently what had first alerted Colman to the possibility of shenanigans being afoot. These accounts reportedly behaved very different on different days – all depending on who owned them money at the time.

Colman then tasked Aaron Jones with running an analysis on the bottom three accounts, who after having considered 9 days of lineups, soon reached the conclusion too that it had been Perry controlling all three accounts.

Perry Dodging This Way And That

After having procured second and even third opinions, Colman said he made contact with Perry, requesting a refund. But despite having been presented with the evidence, Perry had apparently declined.

Colman then suggested arbitration in the form of Tom Marchese, to which Perry at first agreed, but then later backed out of. Perry apparently explained his refusal by saying he was only willing to suffer someone arbitrating the most recent DSF bet.

It’s likely Colman will think twice before going in cahoots with Perry anytime soon again.

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