David Coleman Wins WTP Online Poker Open

By Ben Hamill - July 02 2020

David Coleman Wins WTP Online Poker Open

Online Poker may not be turning out to witness quite the online revival the industry had hoped it would, but that doesn’t mean that recent tournaments haven’t made for one heck of a ride and virtual money-making thrill. The World Poker Tour Online Poker Open right from the start appeared headed in the direction of a record participation field and prize pool. But by the time the last of the late-registrations had been processed, the 868-strong player-field and resulting $317,540 in prize money managed to far out-perform the original $300,000 guarantee amount initially confirmed to be on offer.

Not only did the Sunday action see final table powerhouse David Coleman walk away with first-place prize money in the amount of $56,586, but also with a superb additional prize to the value of $11,000. Coleman’s win also includes the entry fee to the next WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic to be played at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, as well as a $600 contribution toward personal expenses such as travel, food, etc.

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Coleman Deserved To Win

With that said, there’s nothing quite like the feeling that a plan did manage to come together in exactly the way that it should have, with Coleman as worthy a winner of the prize money and extra perks as anyone. Going into final table play, Coleman ranked second in terms of chips when compared to the other 9 players to have made it through.

First eliminated would be “A.Jackson1767”, what with his ace-jack all-in piece of trickery not having proved sufficiently high up on the ranking order so as to stand firm against Kevin Durant’s pocket fives. More ousts followed until it eventually progressed all the way down to the final five.

The Final Stretch

This time it was Durant’s turn to take his leave, having been booted from the golden circle by “jbg82” and his ace-queen vs. Durant’s close-but-no-cigar ace-jack. And as if this weren’t contemptuous enough a move, “jbg82” then went on to stick it to “ShutUPnDANCE” when he rammed his age-king down the throat of ShutUP’s ace-eight.

But that’s pretty much where it ended for “jbg82” and his eliminating spree, because at the end of the day it would be Coleman to finish up on the higher end of the hands-ladder. Not that “jbg82” would have had all that much to complain about – his runner-up $42,233 prize cheque wasn’t exactly miles shy of Coleman’s first-place cash-out.

His latest online Poker victory marks Coleman’s 3rd online Main Event win for the year.

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