Terrence Chan Upset Over Poker Bet Misunderstanding

By Ben Hamill - February 15 2021

Terrence Chan Upset Over Poker Bet Misunderstanding

As bets tend to come and go, not every last one can be a good one. Some leave you wondering whether the odds you’ve just wagered on might not perhaps have been too good to be true. Especially when you’re Terrence Chan, and you’ve just completely missed a crucial bit of information.

Chan, who somehow got lured into backing Landon Tice in a heads-up match with Poker high-roller Bill Perkins, only discovered after his money had been wagered that what he had been betting on wasn’t as simple as a “who won it”. In fact, in order for Chan to see any type of return on his €1,000 (maximum allowable) bet, young Tice would have to not only win, but win while off-setting a rate of 9 big blinds out of every 100 played.

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Squabbling With Timex McDonald

Upon realising what he had actually managed to get himself into, Chan reportedly proceeded to lodge an email query with his old friend, Poker Shares owner Mike “Timex” McDonald. The only problem was that McDonald didn’t respond quite along the lines of what Chan would have hoped he would.

What ensued has in the meantime been posted to social media, and is a conversation showing two “old” friends squabbling about a bag of sand. Chan claims to have not been made aware expressly of the terms of the bet, and McDonald doesn’t seem to care – or see the situation how Chan does. And so, instead of just settling the score by agreeing to donate the difference to a good cause, the two “old friends” just kept going at each other’s throats while becoming more itch-and-scratch as they went.

The Rise Of Landon Tice

What remains super exciting, though, is that 21-year-old Tice will at some point (hopefully in the near future!) be edging his way into a mano-a-mano battle of the felt with billionaire high-stakes Poker whizz Bill Perkins.

Tice paved his way to recognition when he graduated from playing micro stakes to battling it out with the big boys by last year beating Doug Polk in a livestreamed heads-up match.

The rising your Poker star began playing the game only as recently as a few years ago. After grinding away at $0.10/$0.20 games and learning the ropes, he eventually moved on up to mid and high-stakes games online. And now that he’s operating like a well-oiled machine, he’s taking on the pros of the game.

Only time will tell whether he’s up to the challenge of sticking it to Perkins, though. And perching in waiting on the edge of his seat will be a potentially out of a thousand bucks Terrence Chan.  

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