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Kyle Cartwright Scores His 5th Royal Flush

Kyle Cartwright Scores His 5th Royal Flush

Having the golden touch, often referred to as the King Midas effect, can be both a blessing as well as a curse. Just ask World Series of Poker bracelet winner Kyle Cartwright. The expectation for a win is always there, and onlookers are noticeably surprised when it doesn’t happen. But Poker’s own King Midas most probably knows that its only a matter of time before the magic is reclaimed, because he always returns to the felt and without exception, makes a superb come-back.

And this is exactly what had happened last week during the $1,700 NLHE main event at the Rio in Las Vegas. Cartwright had managed to finish in 11th place at the mentioned event, and left with a $11,913 wad of cash in his pocket. Then he gave the $2,200 NHLE high roller event a go, but had to take his leave even before having reached the prize money.

It was at this point that Poker’s own King Midas had reclaimed his golden touch.

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Good Old Video Poker

After having been ousted to the curb resulting from a bad hand and strong competitors, Cartwright sat down to a game of every player’s pet favourite go-to when the going has gotten tough: a Video Poker machine.

Our champ, now already some in the money thanks to the first NHLE win, was playing five credits to a game. What this meant that every time a deal was requested, Cartwright was putting down $25 to a line. Well, needless to say, his small investment soon paid off in a very big way because King Midas very soon managed to do what 649,739 other players would not have on that particular day; he scored a Royal Flush playing straight Poker.

The odds of that happening? 649,40/1. But that’s not all – this wasn’t Cartwright’s first Royal Flush ever. It was his fifth.

5 Time’s A Real Charm

His first four had all been recorded during the summer of 2017; with three of the four all having been Heart flushes. Each time our man had struck gold, it had resulted in winnings ranging anywhere from $100,000 all the way up to $500,000; obviously because of the size of the bet that he had been playing at the time. And coupled, of course, with a healthy dose of King Midas-style Kyle Cartwright magic.

Now if that isn’t a Guinness World Record in the making…

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