Carlo Todaro Wins Spring PlayNow Poker Champ

By Ben Hamill - May 08 2019

Carlo Todaro Aces Poker’s 2019 Spring PlayNow

Carlo Todaro was the official last man sitting down at the recent 2019 Spring PlayNow Poker Championship. The event was hosted by the Farmery Estate Brewery and culminated in a very grand $400 No-Limit Hold’em Big Blind Ante event. The stellar 190 entries were the making of an even more stellar gigantic prize pool totalling $71,250, with 19 players afforded the luxury of looking forward towards winning some cold hard cash.

Todaro, who was rewarded a stellar $19,008 for his first-place efforts, left the man of the hour and was officially the last cardholder after having ousted runner-up Clayton Mozdzen. Mozdzen, who had incidentally won the $600 equivalent of the same event 3 days prior to the finale, ended up pocketing his second prize share totalling $12,092.

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Making A Career Of It

Fans flock to these types of events, as there is a lot of money on the go. Championships are especially popular among up and coming professional players as it’s the stuff that full-time careers are made of.

Poker lends itself quite wonderfully to full-time careers, as the game isn’t purely based on luck only for a win. There is a lot of skill and game-based expertise involved in winning a game, and even more so when it comes to reigning supreme in something like a major championship.

Poker has grown into a new world order of its own, having previously been no more than a bunch of pseudo-bad-boys doing their thing in the backrooms of salons; back in the days when salons had nothing to do with hair and beauty and everything with drinking and gun-slinging of course. Oh and there was always a Poker-playing canine scoundrel somewhere in the mix; ever eager to show that it means business by exposing its vicious fans to the light of day.

Everything Changes

Today it’s an entirely different kettle of fish. Poker has become a game of cards enjoyed by the elite as well as by the workers’ class. And to this end, there’s something for everyone. One doesn’t have to be a high roller capable of putting bets that resemble small mortgages to the table in order to have a good time and be successful.

It’s now more a case of being willing to show up, part with a reasonable sum of money and remaining seated for as long as is required in order to reach the final batch, the final table and the final opponent.

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