Special Poker Cruise Coming This September

By Ben Hamill - March 11 2020

Special Poker Cruise Coming This September

Longing for a bit of colour, sea and adventure? Then be sure to sign up for a very special Poker tournament to be hosted by Card Player Poker Tour in partnership with Card Player Cruises this September 10 – 19. The tournament will be played aboard a special Canada and New England touring cruise ship - the Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas ship.

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More than anything, the experience is what it’s all about and this one most definitely won’t be lacking any of that. Cooler temperatures, scenic views, a stunning coastline like no other in all the world and of course not to mention even the ultimate pleasure, lots and lots of Poker to be played.

Newbies Are Invited Too

There will be something for everyone, with tournaments and cash games both being available onboard the cruise. The ultimate highlight of the cruise will be the $340 buy-in Card Player Poker Tour Main Event. The bounties on offer will be $50 a piece as well as special player-celebrity bounties, making the entire thing a true seafarer’s Poker adventure second to none.

The smoking-free Poker room will be open and in play for most of the duration of the cruise. The only down-times will be when the ship is in port. All games will be open to anyone 18 years and up. And those not yet all too confident regarding their own playing prowess will be able to sign up for free beginner lessons. Once sufficiently schooled in the beginner’s art of playing Poker, newbies will be at liberty to compete in a very special low-limit Hold’em game exclusively for beginners only.

A Variety Of Games Available

Games of a variety of buy-ins will be played on request, provided that there is sufficient interest. Staff will be happy to host any game and whatever limit. Games provided for will be Limit Hold’em, No-Limit Hold’em, Omaha Eight-or-Better and also a variety of mixed games.

Those wanting to join in the fun will board the ship at Cape Liberty in New Jersey. Stops will be made in Boston, Massachusetts, Portland, Bar Harbour (Maine), Halifax in Nova Scotia, and also in Saint John in New Brunswick.

Bookings are now open and the relevant booking forms may be downloaded and filled in electronically, or players can phone in for assistance with securing their spot.

Joining in the Poker adventure cruise fun has never been easier, and any fan of the game is in for a very special treat indeed.

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