Canada’s “leblond1996” Wins Spring Series #8

By Ben Hamill - June 04 2021

Canada’s “leblond1996” Wins Spring Series #8

A Canadian player has won 888Poker’s XL Spring Series #8: $50,000 High Roller event that’s part of the premium provider’s XL Spring Series. According to a report by a prominent Poker news broadcaster, Canadian “leblond1996” was the one who walked away with the #8 title and the $11,718 in prize money.

Also in the money, but from two other final tables played, were two Belarusian players, “Broten” and “SmartestCat”.  “Broten” finished in fourth place across two separate events, namely the Mini High Roller and the High Roller, with “SmartestCat” finishing runner-up in the Mini High Roller event, and winner of the Late High Roller event.

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Humble Beginnings On The Stacks

The Canadian defeated “saudades123” in a rapid-fire heads-up contest before winning the event and prize money on June 1. The tournament attracted a total player field of 168 entries form making up the grand $50,400 prize pool.

Ironically, “leblond1996” had been one of the smaller stacks by the time it came to final-table action. The Canadian however wasted no time funding a chip-boost off Jacks for tripling up all the way into the Top 3. And after a two pair backed by a King-Jack against a King-Queen of third-place-finisher Adam “IT5PAYDAY” Neal, chipping into the lead came easy for “leblond1996”.

From then on out, the Canadian remained at or near the top of the chip table. And after both Neal and “saudades123” took turns leading the chip count, it would ultimately be a finishing position that belonged to “leblond1996”.

Also from Canada had been sixth-place finisher “supari69” who walked away with a cool $2,192 in prize money for their efforts.

Belarus Vs. Canada

As for the players from Belarus, “Broten” and “SmartestCat” both showed their steely resolve all throughout the XL Spring #9 events.

In fact, the final table of the XL Spring #9 - $25,000 Mini High Roller event featured a total of three Belarussian players, with “Dallmaa” out for the count after hitting the pavement at the number 8 position for $562.

After “Broten” squared out for $1,889 in the number 4 position, “SmartestCat” held on for a while longer yet before clawing their way all the way up and into the number 2 for $3,567. “SmartestCat” made their way into the runner-up position after losing against Canada’s “Pat14, who walked away with the $4,920 in 1st-place prize money.

The events were live broadcast on the 888PokerTV Twitch channel, with David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall the entertaining hosts.

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