GGPoker Names Daiva Byrne Community Advocate

By Ben Hamill - February 16 2021

GGPoker Names Daiva Byrne Community Advocate

GGPoker is making good on its signing of Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian by levelling the playing field in favour of the fairer sex. The online Poker giant has just named Fantastic Ladies in Poker (FLIP) founder Daiva Byrne its new Outreach and Community Advocate.

Byrne will according to GGPoker’s announcement on Thursday, lead the strategic way for engaging with a variety of Poker player communities. She’ll do this helping to create engagement initiatives and by providing ongoing advice on outreach approaches and strategies, said the popular online Poker platform.

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Authentic Or Not?

The partnership between GGPoker and FLIP is largely viewed as an attempt by the Poker platform to become more inclusive. With 95% of all Poker players the world over considered to be men, there certainly remains much to be done for including women. GGPoker’s investment in inclusivity would certainly have been a strategic one.

The signing of Dan Bilzerian a couple of months ago really rocked the inclusivity boat. The Instagram playboy is known for his chauvinism and a belittling attitude towards women. Vanessa Kade, one of Poker’s few professional female players, famously reacted to Bilzerian’s partnership with the Poker platform on Twitter, calling the king of Instagram a sleazeball with mostly toxic followers.

Canadian Poker champion Daniel Negreanu didn’t share Kade’s views on the topic of Dan Bilzerian. Ever the champion of the survival of the game, Negreanu said Bilzerian could be expected to act as a magnet to the right type of “guy” for playing Poker and acting as ambassadors to the game.

A Mammoth Task Ahead

All of the above clearly shows that Daiva Byrne has quite the mission to embark on. But fighting for women’s rights and equality in Poker won’t be the only task at hand for the newest addition to the GGPoker family.

GGPoker Head of Public Relations Paul Burke reckons having Byrne on board the team will undoubtedly ramp up the brand’s efforts to become more inclusive. And while this may certainly prove true, if only owing to Byrne’s own professionalism and resume, Vanessa Kade’s cynical words to continue to ring ominously in the background.

According to Kade, Byrne’s new role is nothing more than a move on GGPoker’s part to make good with the female Poker community after they welcomed into the inner circle a man who makes no secret of the fact that he has no regard for women or for their Poker playing abilities.

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