Brad Booth Confirmed Alive & Well By Family

By Ben Hamill - September 21 2020

Brad Booth Confirmed Alive & Well By Family

Prominent Canadian born Poker player Brad Booth has been found and is alive and well, Booth’s family has confirmed via a tweet. On July 30 Booth was reported missing after he failed to make contact with neither friends nor family for more than two weeks after he informed his roommate that he was off camping on July 13.

Since according to Booth’s roommate he had only packed enough camping supplies to last a day or two at most, family and friends and the Poker community became concerned about his whereabouts and the true reasons for his leaving – especially since the player is known to have come off a difficult few years due to financial worries and a reported addiction to alcohol.

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No Further Details Available

At the time effectively missing for two months, a member of his family on September 16 tweeted that Booth is alive and well and that, as hoped by many, including many in the Poker community, he has been away taking time to himself. The family member thanked Booth’s friends and fellow players for their concern and efforts to try and locate him – but adding that no further information was available at the time of the Twitter confirmation.

The general public first became aware of Booth’s sudden disappearance when prominent Poker podcaster Adam Schwartz tweeted about booth not having been seen since July 13 – and that his friends were by then quite worried about his safety. Schwartz’ tweet included a link to an official missing person’s report on

According to the details provided in the report, Booth had gone missing after he was last seen leaving a casino in Reno in his silver Toyota Tacoma truck.

Booth’s Difficult Road

Booth, who very recently celebrated his 44th birthday, eventually moved from Vancouver to Yukon, which move would end up earning him his alias, Yukon Brad.

A former Full Tilt Poker so-called “red pro”, which during the site’s rise to prominence was considered an insignia of honour, Booth eventually met his financial demise after becoming involved with notorious cheating site UltimateBet – an involvement Booth would later tell Mediocre Poker Radio saw him a financially crippling US$2 million out of pocket.

Brad Booth has ever since the early 2000s UltimateBet cheating scam been trying to get his life and finances back together, vowing also to steer clear of casino “pits”, alcohol, and online Poker until such time as he’s able to regain control of his life. His personal struggles, along with a 2011 comment made about his oftentimes having felt at the end of his tether, were huge causes of concern for his loved ones when he disappeared without a trace in July.

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