Borgata Poker Tournament Enrages Players

By Ben Hamill - February 24 2022

Borgata Poker Tournament Enrages Players

The world health crisis understandably put a hold on Poker tournaments around the world. But now with restrictions being eased things are getting back to normal. At least, they would be getting back to normal were it not for the chaos currently unfolding. Poker professionals were enthralled to get back to a proper tournament, with the $200,000 Borgata Poker Tournament seeming like a ray of sunshine. But things went from bad to worse at what many are calling an unmitigated logistical disaster.

The plan was for the event to kick off at 10 a.m. Sunday morning, with a second session due at 7 p.m. Day 2 was meant to get going on around 12 p.m. on Monday. This was the plan, but things didn’t turn out as was anticipated. It all went very wrong, and things struggled to recover for hours. Many players were so frustrated that they took to social media to express their annoyance.

Lack Of Experienced Staff

Given that the Borgata in Atlantic City has held numerous Poker tournaments in the past, assumptions were that everything would be ready to go. But it was not disclosed ahead of time that the venue had let all of its trained, professional staff go at the peak of the world health crisis.

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This meant that essentially all new staff were now expected to pull the massive event off. Making matters worse is that drastically more players than anticipated pitched up, putting additional stress on an already perplexed team of new employees.

To put it into perspective, although 800 players did manage to participate in the first round, hundreds more were turned away, much to their frustration. Pro player Ryan Depaulo posted a video on Twitter showing the queue stretching off to ridiculous lengths.

Going From Bad To Worse

It gets even worse. It was reported that those near the front of the queue were selling off their spots, painting a picture of things getting completely out of control. All the while, annoyed players were asking the same question; how could it all have gone so wrong?

A lack of experienced staff is a fair excuse, but still not an explanation for why a casino would fail so badly. It simply seems that far too few tables and dealers were organized for what turned out to be thousands of hopefuls. Even tournaments with far lower guaranteed payouts see more players, leading many to suggest that the event wasn’t simply left up to employees that were inexperienced, but that had no idea at all what they were doing.

The upside is that with so many entrants the final winner is due to earn a small fortune.