Bonomo Wins GGPoker Super MILLION$ Payday

By Ben Hamill - February 12 2021

Bonomo Wins GGPoker Super MILLION$ Payday

Justin Bonomo is the latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table champion. Bonomo walked away with a massive $430,646 payday after beating some of Poker’s modern-day legends on February 9th.

Heading towards the final table in the chip lead had been Russia’s “RRomashka”, with Sweden-based online star Niklas Astedt coming in at the furthest end of the chips tally. Sadly, Astedt was also the first man to have to push in his chair after his ace-jack fell short of American Nick Petrangelo’s king-queen. Despite several king-queens having been folded out, a queen on the flop and a king on the river meant Astedt had no other option but to pack his bags and go.

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Early Departures

Next out the door would be Mexico’s “Face-O” after busting 12 big blinds on the ack of his pocket tens being outsmarted by a four-flush belong to “OscarBrown” from Monaco.

Our in the number 7th position would be Austria’s “DaanOss”. His end came to pass as a result of Justin Bonomo’s short stacked all-in boosted by a fold from Russia’s Artur Martirosian. By this time, the American had in fact doubled back into the run of the fight, a move that would ultimately emerge the catalyst to both is rise to the top and his Austrian competitor’s busting out.

By the time “DaanOss” had two callers in Bonomo and “OscarBrown”, the writing would be firmly on the wall. Brown was all-in with an ace-nine of spades, and as for Bonomo, his lucky break would see him eventually eliminate both his opponents with a jack-ten of spades.

Whittled Down To Six

By the time it came to the flop, a five high with no spades, “OscarBrown” got to take the pot thanks to an ace on the turn and a six on the river. By now, Bonomo was clean out of luck in several ways.

Next busted out would be David Yan, in 6th place. His ace-seven clashed in magnificent splendour with Nick Petrangelo and his ace-queen. This reduced the final table to only 5.

The 5-players-remaining deal lasted only for a few minutes owing to Artur Martirosian’s busting of his short stack of 15 million. His ace-four collided headfirst with Bonomo’s ace-eight, leaving now only four players left at the final table.

Next out in 4th place would be “OscarBrown”, followed by Nick Petrangelo, leaving only the final-handed action to “RRomashka” and Bonomo. But owing to “RRomashka” and his inability to stop his own bleeding on a failed bluff, it would ultimately be Bonomo who would on the river of a four outlast his soil-shoving opponent.

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