Welcome To New York’s Largest Poker Room

By Ben Hamill - August 07 2019

Welcome To New York’s Largest Poker Room

Poker is coming to New York and it’s nothing short of Vegas-style. As the city looks ahead to an exciting time of change and transformation in the sports betting arena, casino offerings are yet again under the limelight too. It’s all about the complete gaming experience after all, and is there even a thing under the sun that better embodies the very definition of a true gaming experience than Poker?

New York’s newest casino operator, for one, wholeheartedly agrees. NYC’s latest addition to the casino pack, the Resorts World Catskills, has announced the launch of its new Poker room. And by room, the meaning actually refers to what is in all likelihood the largest Poker space in the city as well as surrounds.

Resorts World Catskills is home to a brand new 7,000 square feet Poker space, the likes of which the US has not yet seen.

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The Experience Counts

Catskills first launched at the start of 2018 and the venue’s casino games floor has been a hit among players ever since, catering for every conceivable gaming desire and must-try. The new Poker space is situated directly off the existing games floor and players will therefore not be removed too far away from the buzz of general excitement.

What this also means is that the room’s players will enjoy the same 24/7 services bestowed upon those frequenting the slots and other table games. This is service with a smile, if ever there was such a thing. Being catered to by the very same schedule of staff taking care of the needs of the remainder of the venue’s players and visitors will without a doubt transform the essence of Poker as a pastime.

Space For Everyone

Judging by the measurements, nobody will have to stand around waiting for a spot at a table to open up. 20 tables and 180 seats make up the divine space, ensuring that there’s more than enough room in the good seats to go around.

And the deal is perfectly sealed by everything a player might come to need during the course of a typical Poker marathon; complementary beverages, USB charge-ports right at the tables; even an in-room cashier, saving everyone the hassle of having to leave the comfort of the space in order to access their money.

As far as what the games are concerned, the operator has ensured that there’s something for everyone in this department too. The games on offer are Texas Hold’em No Limit, Texas Hold’em Limit, Omaha (that’s Hi-Lo as well as Pot-Limit), and also 7 Card Stud.

Ever leaving the room, it seems, is entirely optional!

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