Midway Poker Tour Boss Has Players Fuming

By Ben Hamill - February 02 2021

Midway Poker Tour Boss Has Players Fuming

Ghoster and Poker disappearing act Dan Bekavac, founder of the controversial Midway Poker Tour that last year saw at least a dozen players seriously short and out of pocket in terms of advertised payouts, has resurfaced. Bekavac, who has been missing in action since the silver payout debacle, suddenly put in an appearance at the weekend’s MSPT Grand Falls $1,100 Main Event, and without as much as even a hint of an intention of providing the Poker community with any sort of update over the combined $55,060 in outstanding payouts.

And so, in essence, while players the likes of Renato Spahiu, who won the controversial silver payout event, and runner-up Satoshi Tenaka, remain a combined $26,000 out of pocket, Bekavac was out there on the weekend gunning for the six-figures in prize money.

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He’s No Shiny Penny

But Bekavac has since the controversial debacle emerged as quite the dirty slate, with several dodgy business dealings having now come to light.

Bekavac ran the Midway Club on an unregulated Poker app called PokerBROS, which app was eventually shut down after the Midway Poker Tour scandal and ongoing controversy. The shutting down of the app immediately led to a break in all communication with players awaiting news of the payouts owing to them, which didn’t really come as a surprise to anybody.

A former agent for the club has in the meantime compared the controversial tour, and in fact the entire Midway Club operation, with a Ponzi Scheme, with the original idea having been to pay the hard-done-by Midway Poker Tour players with funds siphoned from the online platform’s operations.

Other legal issues faced by Bekavac reportedly include struggles experienced by a company belonging to his father, Bekavac Trading Company, Inc. As reported by Poker journalist Haley Hintze, Bekavac’s father serves only as the frontman of the company, while Bekavac junior is rumoured to be the financial drive behind the endeavour. The company was not too long ago embattled in a lawsuit actioned by George & Co., LLC over an alleged 20,000 counterfeit copies of the popular dice game “LCR Left! Center! Right!”.

Bekavac Is Brazenly Silent

Bekavac has in the meantime remained as silent as a smoking gun regarding whether or not he intends to make good with those players who are still waiting to receive the payouts owing to them by the Midway Poker Tour.

With no word from the man of the hour, the saga continues.

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