Apple Re-Launches Texas Hold’em In App Store

By Ben Hamill - August 01 2019

Apple Re-Launches Texas Hold’em In App Store

Ever wonder what the very first game ever to have been sold on Apple’s App Store was called? Poker fans will be happy to know that it was none other than a game of Texas Hold’em. Better yet, Apple has just announced that a completely revamped version of the game may now be downloaded from the App Store for free! Those who loved to play the original 2008 release, before it was left to the mercy of its own devices by Apple, were expected to fork out $4.99 for the privilege. Not that the price tag acted as a deterrent at the time; quite the contrary.

Apple never did say why it eventually abandoned Texas Hold’em ship, but hundreds of thousands of players at the time expressed their utter disappointment (and in some cases even disgust) at the fact that the game was no longer enjoying the benefit of updates and was eventually basically left to die. But the most important thing now is that Texas Hold’em is back and it’s better than ever before.

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Travel The World With Hold’em

Thanks to the new Texas Hold’em environment created by Apple, players are at liberty to jet set to some of the best Poker locations all over the world, including Paris, Macau and of course, much-loved Las Vegas.

The game is fully customisable and players are at liberty to switch between two views, being a bird’s eye view from the top and a first-person perspective. One of the most noticeable improvements is the graphics of the game. Its evident from the general look and feel that the developers of the game had more “room” with which to play around thanks to the improved screen quality and bigger screen size now available across Apple’s devices.

Invite Some Friends To Join

A special function that has remained intact; and those who remember and loved the original 2008 release will be happy to know this; is the network-with-friends capability of the game. Players are at liberty to choose between playing against the game’s virtual players and playing against up to 8 real-life friends. The only requirement is that one’s friends will (obviously) also have to have access to an Apple device as well as have Texas Hold’em installed on that device (or devices).

It was a pleasant surprise to discover the re-launch of the popular game, and even more so because it’s one of Apple’s own creations and not a third-party offering. One cannot help but wonder whether Apple’s recent crackdown on gambling-related third-party content has to do with more than just keeping with global regulations. Either Apple has its own foray into gambling somewhere up its mysterious sleeve or someone in the team was feeling particularly nostalgic.

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