Annie Duke To Team Up With Hartford Funds

By Ben Hamill - August 27 2019

Annie Duke To Team Up With Hartford Funds

Annie Duke, famously known as the Duchess of Poker, may no longer be actively playing major tournaments, but this hasn’t stopped the rest of the world from continuing to idolise her as being a true “Poker professional”. The latest news is that the player will be teaming up with major money and risk management firm Hartford Fund in order to share her knowledge about the similarities between Poker and hard-core business.

Duke did during her career as a professional player manage to accumulate more than $4 million in career winnings, which is unheard of for a female player. She also happens to be the only female player ever to have won the National Heads-Up Championship, which she duly did in 2010. And so it’s easy to understand why the world continues to be just a little bit obsessed with Duke, even though she no longer regularly competes. This may have more to do with the fact that the player, in addition to having a raw talent for the game, somewhere along the line made the connection between decisions made in Poker and decisions made in business, that what it does with actually playing cards.

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Supporting Hartford Funds

So rare a find Annie Duke a appears to be, that every conceivable lifestyle magazine continues to feature her as a professional woman in Poker and a true lifestyle role model. The past year has seen the likes of GQ, Forbes and Entrepreneur all do specials on Duke. With regards to Hartford Funds, Duke will be offering her services as a “money psychologist” of sorts. The player will supposedly be counselling investors and financial advisors on the verge of caving under the emotional pressure that is often experienced when things in business do not exactly go according to plan.

Duke has compiled a presentation and a workbook that will be used by Hartford’s clients. The course material revolves around 3 basic principles, namely:

  1. The Long Shadow of Results
  2. Using Time Travel to Make Better Decisions
  3. Ulysses Contracts: The Sweet Song of Sticking to a Plan

Business And Poker

Duke may no longer be actively playing and participating in WSOP tournaments and the likes, but definitely has much to offer in terms of her strong business acumen yet. The risk-based decisions required in Poker are quite similar to those required of investment bankers, analysts, financial advisors and others in similar financially focused sectors.

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