Andrew Neeme Live In Canada On The Weekend

By Ben Hamill - March 29 2019

Andrew Neeme Live In Canada On The Weekend

Canadian Poker players and fans are in for a special treat this coming weekend. Andrew Neeme, who is known for his popular in-person meet-up game events, will be hosted by 888poker in Canada. Thanks to the initiative, Neeme will have the opportunity to meet up with some of his Canadian fans, a guilty pleasure not lost on Neeme, according to the Poker celebrity.

Neeme will host a variety of online events running from March 28 up until March 31st. The grand finale will be an actual social meet up that will be highlighted by the main game that is scheduled to take place on March 30th. All of the events, both online and offline will be streamed live on 888poker’s operator site.

Neeme and his team have hosted various similar events all over the United States.

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Personal Contact Can’t Be Beat

According to Neeme, the best thing about the social events is that it offers the opportunity to be able to interact with the audience in real time, instead of merely being able to comment on a tournament or event after a time-delay.

With that having been said, Neeme is no newcomer to online streaming services and platforms, what with his having hosted an estimated 10 or 15 live stream tournaments himself. Neeme however seems to prefer a bit of personal contact, as do most people. He pointed out that rubbing shoulders with his fans and fellow Poker lovers was a special treat, but that the icing on the cake was the opportunity of actually playing cards with them.

Keeping Up With The Law

Neeme will also in all likelihood play in some of Calgary’s flagship tournaments on Sunday. But why the need to fly all the way to Canada in order to stream most of the weekend? It all comes down to the fact that online Poker remains a very grey area in terms of regulation in the US. The general consensus is that it is, for the most part, illegal.

Operators have been careful to avoid any potentially illegal situation, and as such, streaming from inside of the US is not a viable option at this stage. Neeme points out that even though it would be nice to sleep on home soil and in his own bed, he enjoys spending time in Canada too, and said that it was amazing that actual contact with players could be actioned via the world of the Internet.

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