888poker LIVE Tour Schedule Announced

By Ben Hamill - January 20 2020

888poker LIVE Tour Schedule Announced

It’s no secret that last year’s 888poker LIVE Tour was hailed a massive success by all who experienced it. It harnessed complements and slaps on the back from far and wide and it was immediately quite clear that competition brands were about to be dealt a run for the money. Recreational players were afforded the opportunity to rub shoulders with the pros, but also at the same time to try their hands at working the magic at “new-player-friendly” venues and stops on the tour.

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The pros did what they do best and got to play the big provincial tours right alongside local qualifying players. It all turned out a massive success and certainly deserved the major industry acclaim voiced by industry insiders and experts alike. And now that the tour for 2020 has been announced, its clear that this year’s tour will not be any smaller and less impressive that the one to have gone down in 2019.

The Tour Will Return To Spain

Emerging market Spain enjoys a great deal of airtime this year, what with the action kicking off at a brand-new venue in Madrid on January 23rd. The Madrid stop will be hosted by the famous Casino Gran Via and will run from January 23rd all the way through February 3rd. A superb guaranteed €1 million up for grabs, the Madrid stop is certainly one that is not to be missed, especially since the Main Event promises to pay the lion’s share of the guaranteed prize money.

Madrid will mark the first and the last of the Spain events planned for 2020. Stops in between the two Madrid sets of dates will include Malaga, Barcelona, Sevilla and also Alicante. The tour finally makes its return to Madrid on November 13th.

London Stop Included Again Too

The tour will also be making its return to the greatest city in the world this year, what with last year’s London (England) stop having proved exceptionally popular. February 5 to February 9 will see the tour make its return to the iconic Aspers Casino in Stratford. The popular venue is a firm favourite among players and will this year without a doubt attract a great deal of attention and participation because of location.

Romanian capital Bucharest will enjoy a moment in the sun on this year’s tour too, and players have a great deal to look forward to at this picture-perfect location. Its going to be a good year for 888poker by the looks of it.

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