Top Poker Podcasts For 2019

By Ben Hamill - December 14 2019

Everybody loves a good podcast and for players and fans of Poker, there are lots to go around. Poker-focused podcasts discuss a variety of topics centered on the game and these are compiled by a long list of industry experts, players, fans, particularly colourful characters and many more. There’s something for everyone on our list of popular podcasts, and enjoying these are as easy as click-and-play.

The following are our top Poker podcast choices for 2019.

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Smart Poker Study Podcast

This is one of our firm favourites and it has been ever since it first hit the airwaves back in January of 2016. What makes it particularly engaging are the various discussions on top strategies. The conversations and talks are inspiring and truly enticing. The difference between this one and so many other podcasts is that the conversations don’t revolve around everything we already know. The producers constantly focus on creating content that is new and that really makes you to explore slightly further and more extensively that what is usually the norm.

The Q&As are particularly popular and the podcast often hosts big-name players who then share their own strategies and also answer questions from the online audience. The focus of the podcast is on variety of Poker disciples, and Sky Matsuhashi presents the episodes.

Thinking Poker & Flopping It

Another firm favourite of ours is Thinking Poker, which is hosted weekly by presenters Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis. The focus is mainly engaging with top Poker personalities as well as letting listeners in on some of the industry’s best hidden behind the scenes secrets. The well-spoken hosts also include a segment on specific strategies. Listeners are invited to interact with the hosts of the podcast by emailing their comments and questions to the specified official email address.

Another top favourite is without a doubt hosts Ben and Mer’s Postflop Poker Podcast. This is one with a truly imaginative twist as our hosts delve headfirst into the world Postflop Poker. They discuss everything from explanations and tips aimed at deciphering the complex world of the post-flop, to providing industry breaking news to subscribers. It’s a 2-episodes per month type of deal and the show has been going strong since it launched back in 2015.

There are many more podcasts where these came from and the majority of what’s available are a real treat. Many podcasts are broadcast either weekly or twice monthly, which make them particularly convenient to follow and catch up on.

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