Dreamtech Joins YGS Masters Program

By Ben Hamill - May 10 2019
YGS Masters Welcomes Dreamtech On Board

It’s a lucky number six for Asia-focused online games developer Dreamtech. The developer recently became the 6th external studio partner to be included in Yggdrasil’s YGS Masters programme. The Malta-based studio has impressed Yggdrasil’s hot-shots to the point of having secured a coveted space on the platform and will become an official member of a team of developers currently being primed to usher in a brand new era of online gaming.

Yggdrasil Gaming announced the launch of the YGS Masters programme a few months ago; an initiative which according to the global gaming super-power, aims to bring together the industry’s most innovative and forward-thinking developers, all in an effort for Yggdrasil Gaming to set itself apart as the undisputed market leader in the global games industry. Other developers who have already been included in the programme are AvatarUX, Rabcat, Fantasma, Northern Lights and 4ThePlayer.

YGS has not yet launched any games but is expected to do so by later this year.

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Dreamtech Is Fresh and Refreshing

According to Yggdrasil’s Stuart McCarthy, Dreamtech’s unconventional and refreshing approach to casino games development is what drew the attention of the corporation in the first place. The stellar and engaging quality of the developer’s games is simply commendable, said McCarthy, and Yggdrasil is apparently honoured to have welcomed the team on board.

Becoming the world’s top global casino content partner is no joke or small feat, especially considering the highly competitive nature of the industry. But this is a goal that is being wholeheartedly pursued by Yggdrasil Gaming and according to McCarthy; Dreamtech fits the bill to a tee.

This Recipe Works

Needless to say, Dreamtech is a team that is beyond itself with excitement at the many new possibilities that will soon be turned into reality thanks to the team’s inclusion in the programme. Dreamtech’s Thomas Lu said that the company looked very much forward to a long and solid partnership with the YGS Masters programme and that it regarded the opportunity to be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of deal.

Yggdrasil’s YGS Masters programme echoes what Microgaming has been getting up to with its independent studio partner programme. The idea is to bring a fresh and new approach to games development into the industry and outsourcing the mammoth task to smaller studios is beneficial to everyone involved.

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