Yggdrasil Gaming Looks To Future With New

By Ben Hamill - February 03 2020

Yggdrasil Gaming Looks To Future With New

It’s hard to believe that the now-well-known global gaming giant Yggdrasil Gaming launched its first slots as recently as 2013, having that year acquired its very first casino games development licence. Today, the slots giant is regarded as one of the best high-quality online casino games developers in the regulated world, and the holder of various awards and accolades. The company’s prompt rise to success has by no means caused a slow-down in internal corporate development, as is evident by the pre-ICE London announcement that the Yggdrasil team was about to hand to its B2B partners the keys to the kingdom”

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The latest news is that the Stockholm-headquartered gaming giant has announced that it is this year embarking on a whole new adventure that will involve the splitting of the company into three separate divisions. These divisions are Publishing, Affiliation and Distribution and will each be run independently for best results.

Creating Value For All

Said Yggdrasil Gaming CEO Fredrik Elmqvist during a recent pre-convention interview, the vision behind splitting the company’s operations into three sub-sets originates from a desire on the part of the company to utilise and monetise the assets and investments already produced by Yggdrasil Gaming.

Additionally, it would provide the answer to the question as to how to offset those assets and investments in a way that will not only benefit Yggdrasil’s own scope of business, but also the business operations of the supplier’s B2B business partners. Creating a win-win situation is what the company’s new vision is all about, said Elmqvist.

The Three Divisions Explained

Elaborating further on the changes to Yggdrasil’s existing business model, Elmqvist explained that the new approach will involve three core value propositions, namely YG Franchise, YG Masters and YG Game IP.

The three core-value sub-divisions will serve the following purposes and functions:

  • YG Masters – the development and the distribution of games
  • YG Franchise – platform IP licensing
  • YG Game IP – game IP licensing

The fundamental principle behind the internal split, as it were, is globalisation, and specifically the enabling of globalisation, concluded Elmqvist. It’s about providing to the company’s global operator customer base the recipe for building a future-proof business, which is ultimately what it means to be extending to operators the hand that holds the key to the kingdom. 

All in all, 2020 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for Yggdrasil, and by creating new dedicated divisions a renewed focus is guaranteed.

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