William Hill’s Tinder Ad Banned

By Ben Hamill - May 23 2019

William Hill’s Tinder Ad Banned By Regulator

Love to gamble? Not a problem. Eager to take a gamble on love? Nothing wrong with that either. You probably won’t have to look very far, because online dating service Tinder is but a few clicks away. Just don’t bargain on finding an instant gambling mate who also happens to have potential as a romantic partner; not if Tinder is your avenue of choice in anyway. And make no mistake: it’s not for a lack of trying on the part of sports betting giant William Hill.

The casino and betting giant was left standing with its tail; albeit a superbly innovative and imaginative tail; between its legs after it had hoped to get the word out there that getting your game on will actually help you to get your game on (in the dating sense of the word, of course). Unfortunately, not unlike a vengeful ex, the responsible gambling in advertising police were all over the proposition before anyone had the time to explore the possibilities of successfully clawing their way out of the “friend zone” thanks to the raw sexual appeal that is Cheltenham.

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You May Gamble – But No Smiling

The operator has since issued a statement following the removal of the ad from Tinder’s platform and said that it had meant no harm and did not intend for the promotion to be interpreted as guaranteeing sexual success to anyone willing to wager a bet. The ad was removed from Tinder after it was declared officially banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

More advertisements than what anyone could be bothered to count or keep record of have been removed from public forums, and in some cases even outright banned without any invitation to comment, as a result of gambling and betting being made to look like completely natural every-day activities capable of creating cloud 9-style happiness and bliss. This appears to be the one thing that really gets under the skin of just about every advertising authority out there.

The message is clear: you can gamble all you want to, just as long as you don’t appear to be too happy about it. If you do happen to break into uncontrolled smiling, just make sure that nobody captures any of the feel-good on film.

A Case Of Bad Timing

William Hill’s biggest mistake was quite likely a little thing called “poor timing”. Regulators all over the world are currently coming down hard on advertising-related transgressions, with some countries so sufficiently fed-up with repeat offending operators that they are quite ready to pull the plug on gambling-related ads altogether.

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