VIP Gaming

By Ben Hamill - December 25 2016
VIP Gaming

What does it Mean to Play at the Casino as a VIP Player?

Casinos put a lot of effort into offering a convenient and friendly gaming experience for all players. In particular, casinos want to encourage big stakes players to patronize their casino venue. Studies have shown that a casino’s profit margin rises when big rollers play. In fact, casinos achieve bigger profits by hosting a smaller number of VIP players than they do when they accommodate large numbers of low- or moderate-stakes casual gamers.

For this reason the casinos offer VIP programs. These VIP programs ensure that the high rollers experience the best that the casino has to offer and return to wager more. They have found that the best way to do that is to offer a comprehensive VIP program with special VIP rewards. When a casino creates VIP rewards they generally offer everything that they can to encourage the gamer to continue playing at their casino site.

Land-Based VIP Rewards

Land-based casinos offer VIP amenities including a special gaming room where the players can enjoy the pinnacle of luxurious gambling in an exclusive environment with other like-minded players. Some of the brick-and-mortar VIP benefits include food and beverage service in the VIP room, special assistance and other types of services which are designed to promote one casino above the others.
The on-site casino delivers additional comforts to each VIP player in the form of tickets to entertainment events, meals at the casino’s five-star restaurants and complimentary tickets to the casino hotel’s accommodations. Of course, many of the games at the casino are only open to VIP players who can be relied upon to place bets that fall within the table limits.
Online Casino VIP Programmes
The online casino also offers VIP status for their valued big bettors. It’s easier to play as a VIP player online because you can enjoy your VIP status while you enjoy the convenience of being able to play at any time and from any place on a PC or mobile device. At the online casino everything is facilitated online so you meet your VIP personal account manager through the casino chat and experience all of the online games along with your VIP features whenever and from wherever you want.

Becoming an Online Casino VIP Player

Receiving status as an online VIP player is easy. You simply enter the casino and play your favourite games at your leisure. When you wager at a high level on a consistent basis you’ll receive an invitation to the VIP Club. The more that you deposit and gamble, the faster you’ll receive your invitation to the VIP Room. Once you are accepted into the VIP room you continue to play your preferred games at your leisure. The casino will automatically apply all of the VIP benefits to your activities.
The casino will invite you into the VIP Room based on your overall betting activities. Regardless of your game preferences or of any additional bonuses that you collect from your casino gambling pursuits, if you’re a high-roller you can anticipate receiving an invitation to the VIP Club which you can then proceed to apply to any of your preferred casino games on your laptop or desktop PC at the Download or Instant Casino or on your tablet or smartphone device at the mobile casino.

Research the VIP Options

Each casino offers its own VIP program with its own VIP benefits. Some of the benefits include acquiring a personal account manager, attaining higher deposit and withdrawal limits on all of your gambling events, benefitting from faster payouts and receiving cash back rewards personalized gifts, tickets to exclusive sporting and entertainment events, vacation packages and more.
If you believe that you’ll be playing at the online casino as a VIP gamer you should research the different programme options so that you will enjoy top VIP benefits for your gambling activities.
Some of the online casino world’s top VIP rewards programs include:

All Slots

All Slots VIP offers a multi-tiered VIP program that presents them with the finest in online gambling that combines with big stakes play. All Slots VIP players are treated to big bonuses, generous promotional gifts, personal gifts and more. There are gold, platinum and diamond levels so each player can move up the VIP ladder at a pace that fits his needs and expectations.
Two thousand points brings a VIP member to an Entry Points level where he can enjoy exclusive promotional gifts that include a personal account manager, a loyalty points to cash scheme, vacation packages and more. VIP Club participants are also invited to enjoy group vacations with other Jackpot Factory players from All Jackpots and Wild Jacks casinos. Recent vacation packages have included excursions to Las Vegas, South Africa’s Sun City, Niagara Falls and to the Melbourne Cup in Australia. During these trips participants enjoy 5 star meals, tours and lots of fun and excitement.

32 Red

The 32 Red Casino invites gamers into their Club Rouge where gamers enjoy special promotional offers gifts, customized playthroughs and exclusive give-aways. Membership in Club Rouge is by invitation only — players are invited to contact the casino to inquire as to eligibility which they can attain when they reach the Platinum loyalty tier of the Loyalty Points programme.
Club Rouge members realize a high number of Red Rubies (Loyalty Points) — more than non-VIP players. VIP Club Rouge members can exchange the Red Rubies for cash with no additional wagering requirements.


At the Wintingo casino both new and veteran players can enjoy VIP gaming entertainment. The club is only open to players who have received an invitation to the VIP Club. Membership brings cashback rewards, competitions and promotions with thousands of euros in prizes up for grabs, priority withdrawals and more. The VIP club is limited to 500 members so casino experts advise that players take advantage of this unique offer when the possibility presents itself.

Playing VIP casino games isn’t the right venue for all players but if you’re making big bets you should take advantage of your deposit levels and join your casino’s VIP Club.