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Trends to Follow in the US iGaming Sphere

Trends to Follow in the US iGaming Sphere

Now that 2019 is well and truly upon us, it’s clear that there are a few key trends already arising in the US iGaming sector this year. Some of these changes are set to help America to rise to the challenge of becoming one of the best online destinations for local punters, who would normally have to take a chance with offshore-licensed websites in order to play real money online casino games.

Widespread legal changes in the US are taking place in dozens of states, most of which are aiming to overturn restrictions that previously prohibited online gaming and betting for locals. Although these are indeed major progressions, there are many more notable trends in the industry at the present that are worth knowing about, too!

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Regulation Sweeps Across America

The last few decades has seen a marked switch from traditional land-based casinos to online sites by bettors, primarily due to unprecedented ease of access. The industry earns billions in revenues each year, although much of that money is generated through illicit gaming. This is due to the fact that local punters have long been forced to turn to unregulated overseas platforms due to their country’s strict stance on the activity.

Alas, these strict laws have also meant that the US taxman has lost out on millions in valuable tax revenues. This is a big part of the reason why so many states are now choosing to regulate iGaming between their borders, along with the fact that their coffers would naturally benefit from the moves as well.

Since the PASPA Act of 1992 was overturned by the Supreme Court last May, New Jersey has been the state leading the way to nationwide implementation of gaming-friendly regulations. This year, states like New York, California and Pennsylvania are expected to follow suit by lifting their online sports betting and gambling bans in favor of a more liberal stance.

Social Gaming is On the Rise

Aside from widespread regulation, another trend set to take the US industry by storm is social casino gaming. This form of gameplay is on the rise across North America, with 16 out of the top 100 iPhone apps currently being social game titles.

This wave of popularity has also prompted massive investment in new apps to meet rising demand, and this year, there is expected to be many more social gaming titles taking the web by storm. Understandably, multiplayer titles have been the most popular by far, being easily recognizable by Millennials.

Another trend worth sitting up and taking note of is the growing use of virtual and augmented reality in mobile games. Now that this technology is becoming widely available for smartphones, players in the US and Canada alike are discovering the many benefits and incredible realism of playing in a virtual environment. That’s not to mention North America’s growing emphasis on the eSports sector, or the many trends still to surface during the course of the year…

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