Tom Horn Goes Bananas With New Kongo Bongo Slot

By Ben Hamill - July 27 2019

Tom Horn Goes Bananas With New Kongo Bongo Slot

There’s a whole lot of monkey trouble headed our way and it’s all thanks to casino games developer Tom Horn’s new Kongo Bongo slot. Kongo Bongo is no standard-issue jungle monkey either; the ultimate monkey-boss of the jungle is a suave lover of super-cool fashion and chooses to make his own unique statement sporting a cat-walk-style pair of shades. The smooth operator lives the life and when he’s not busy feasting off of the delicious bananas scattered about over the game’s three reels, then he’s making some giant-sized wins happen for all those who manage to win the favour of his monkey-heart.

The slot’s basic make-up must be approached with caution, as looks can in this case be very deceiving. The highlight of the game is a dynamic pay table that re-invents itself based on the size and volatility of the player’s bet. The pay table enables the player to adjust the game’s basic rhythm to suit his or her personal preferences. It basically comes down to a situation of the higher the bet, the more often the wins will fall. The size of a win is also directly influenced by the size of any given bet.

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Classic Casino Symbols

In addition to Kongo Bongo’s bananas, all sorts of classic casino slot symbols, including bars, bongos, lucky number 7 symbols and stars, populate the reels. No need to guess which symbol happens to be the amicable monkey’s top favourite!

Kongo Bongo, in addition to being a shades-sporting cool tree top operator, is also the maker of good vibes and infectious jungle beats. A good mood is only ever a spin of the reels away when Kongo Bongo is near.

Quality Speaks For Itself

Tom Horn has built a solid reputation for itself thanks to the exceptional and storied nature of its slots. The developer has revealed that it now hopes to build further on that reputation by having applied for a license to distribute its games and content in beautiful Portugal; a license that has since been confirmed as having been granted to the Slovakian gaming powerhouse.

The sky is no limit for the developer and one only has to consider the quality of its superb titles already available on the market to realise that we’ll be hearing a great deal more about the force that is Tom Horn Gaming.

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