Some Casino Fallacies and Some Player Fallacies

By Ben Hamill - January 12 2016

You might have thought that in casino gambling, where the house has a recognized edge, there would only be players' fallacies and no casino fallacies. Well, online casinos are run by people so they are also susceptible to false and incorrect thinking.

Casino Fallacy #1

The biggest online casino fallacy is that they will make more money if they cheat.Overwhelmingly, online casinos are very, very honest because they understand the errant foolishness of cheating. If online casinos were not overwhelmingly honest, there would be no reason for this blog; no one would play after a while! But with thousands of online casinos around, it was inevitable that some would try to cheat.

There are two primary ways online casinos cheat. First, an online casino may refuse to pay out legitimate winnings. An online casino may be insufficiently monetized and be unable to pay out a large win. This is crass cheating of the customer! Customer forums talk about such casinos. One land-based casino recently refused to pay out a big jackpot, claiming machine malfunction. Online this could never happen if the Random Number Generator is in good working order.

The second method for an online casino to cheat is not really cheating; it is nevertheless quite underhanded. An online casino can cheat by setting the Random Number Generator to pay out less than a reasonable percentage of the aggregate bets. Once the payout percentage is set, the payout rate will fluctuate, so, a game set at 90% may pay out a much higher percentage if there are more than the average number of big wins in the test period. Nevertheless, the set payout percentage will be quite accurate over the long term.

Online Casinos Must Understand Players

There are a few online casinos that recognize that most online gamblers expect to lose a given amount every playing session and are okay with it. The players know that the house has an advantage in every game. Players don't care as much about the house's edge if the games are well-developed, easy on the eyes, and fun to play. For these players, online gambling is a form of entertainment and therefore has a cost!

Check Payout Percentages

We touched on this the last time. It is to your benefit to check out the payout percentages of every game offered by an online casino before you deposit money there. This leads to a common players' fallacy:

Player Fallacy #1: How Many Online Casinos Should I Join

Many players are reluctant to join more than one casino. This is a major mistake because no casino can have everything you want. There are many top rate online casinos but, if one has a general payout of 99% in video poker, why would you play video poker at a casino that pays out less?

Test A Casino's Communication Skills

Players don't like to fill out registration forms. Go ahead and do some due diligence. The first way is to write an email with some pertinent questions such as: "Where can I find the payout percentage for game x (you fill in the name of the game)? If the casino responds promptly and answers your question and makes you feel like an honoured customer, that's a good sign!

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Some online casinos feature games from a single games producer. In order to play games from another games producer you have to join another casino. There's absolutely nothing wrong with joining several online casinos; each will provide something that none of the others can provide.

French Roulette

This is one of the best examples of looking for the best game. American roulette has 00 and 0; the house edge is about 5.5%. European roulette has only 0; the house edge is about 2.5%. French roulette, like European roulette, has only 0 but it also has one of two extra player-friendly options which reduce the house edge to about 1.5%. If you play French roulette, you'll likely lose but it will take a long time to run out of your session's bankroll! Online gambling should be fun before all else.

Online Casino Fallacy #2

It amazes me that there are still some online casinos that don't have prompt customer service. This should be a major red line for players. Even if you already belong to a casino, if they don't answer your questions quickly, take your gaming money elsewhere.

Some casinos close their customer support office on the weekends. Some are closed on major holidays. But what if your religion doesn't celebrate Christmas? What if you follow a different calendar and New Year's Day is just another day to you? What if you only have time to play online on weekends and have a few questions or even just one?

In this world of instant communication, fibre optics, and social media, it is unthinkable that some casinos don't have a toll free telephone number for every country in the world!

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Player Fallacy #2

Many players fail to realize the "small print" regarding the disposition of bonus money. You cannot withdraw bonus money so easily. This is actually a very logical matter. If you could join a casino, take your hefty bonus, and cash out immediately, all online casinos would go bust quickly!

So, to withdraw bonus money you have to fulfill a play through requirement. This means that you have to wager a set factor of the bonus. The factor could be low, perhaps 10 times the bonus or it could be very high, perhaps 50 times the bonus. You might benefit from looking for a casino with a relatively low play through requirement.

It is also important that you know how the casino keeps track of your bonus money and the play through requirement. If it isn't clearly explained on the homepage, you might consider looking elsewhere. But, giving the casino the benefit of the doubt, you could write to them requesting a clear explanation of the play through requirement. You would be surprised at just how many online casinos can't explain this very important element of online gambling!

Encouraging You

Today's blog might read a little discouraging but I meant it to be the opposite. There are a lot of very reputable online casinos with a lot of great games and a world of fun for safe, pleasant gambling. There are a few things to look for along the way.

Let's Jazz Things Up A Bit

Next time I want to start with a tutorial or two about games you might not have heard about or played. We definitely need some pizzazz going forward!

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