Social Casino Games Booming

By Ben Hamill - December 11 2019

Thanks to big data analysis and the technology driving further progress ever forward in the world of information technology, we are now able to more effectively than ever before understand, analyse and make decisions based on specific market trends. A data analysis company by the name of Contrive Datum Insights recently published an insightful report on the topic of Social Casinos.

The report investigates various sub-topics included under the main category of what we understand about the Social Casino industry and makes a number of interesting findings. What’s more, the report adopts the rather unconventional approach of including in its findings specific references to certain big-name industry players, including names like International Games Technology (IGT), Zynga, SG Corp and Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

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Ones to Watch

What the report investigates and analyses is the specific role played by each of the big names within the context of the global Social Casino market, as it is known to function today. It provides details about the strengths and weaknesses displayed by each of the mentioned entities and even goes as far as making certain suggestions based on current market trends as well as projections for the future of the industry.

The conclusion very much comes down to the fact that the Social Casino market is bigger and better than ever before, with more companies displaying a keen interest in social engagement as a form of casino and gaming entertainment. The report furthermore highlights key concepts holding true in the global market today and its clear to see that those operators and developers who had gotten in first of all are the ones now reaping the fruits of their labour and collective pro-active approach.

8 Out Of The Top 20

In the US alone, there are currently some 61 million regular gamers. These gamers play at least one casino franchise each and this happens across devices. Significant to note too is that in July of this year, there were a total of 8 Social Casino game titles trending on the list of Top 20 Grossing iOS Games in the United States.

But perhaps most interesting to note of all is the fact that Social Casino games are the games highlighted as those most likely to be recommended to friends and acquaintances. This without a doubt indicates something important about the specific approach adopted by the marketers who present Social Casino games via player platforms in the first place.

Social Casino gaming is a booming industry to say the least and one not showing any signs of slowing down soon.

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