Social Casinos Are Shaping iGaming’s Future

By Ben Hamill - July 09 2020

Social Casinos Are Shaping iGaming’s Future

Human beings are wired for social connections. To connect socially with others and to create are two very primal human needs. And since playing and interacting with games are considered strong creative outlets, we are by our very nature a significant driver of the gaming industry. And in a time not at all forgiving of in-person social interaction, the iGaming industry has risen to the occasion in more ways than one, both in terms of real money play and social casinos.

The US in particular, has been posting the kind of record-figures even industry experts previously considered either unlikely, or only likely to emerge in five or even ten years from now. In the absence of land-based gaming and entertainment options, US states Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have each posted incredible year-on-year revenue hikes for the month of April.

New Jersey, for one, posted US$80 million for the month, marking an incredible 118.6% year-on-year spike. Pennsylvania’s April proved a major boost to the state’s annual revenue expectation, with revenue reported as having skyrocketed toward a 73% increase in a relatively short period of time. And Delaware saw much of the same happening, which resulted in an unbelievable 138.5% revenue hike when compared to figures posted for April last year.

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The Rise Of Social Casinos

Only these three states – Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey – allow for legal online gambling. And it’s a disparity that is more visible now than ever before. The legalisation of sports betting, not to mention sports betting’s strong approach toward a fully legalised giant online and mobile US showdown, bodes well for the future of broader iGaming legalisation in more states.

An intense new dependence on electronic forms of entertainment and social interaction has literally kicked open the door to more online gaming possibilities, and in particular, social casinos. What this means is that even those states resolved not to engage in conversations focused on safe and responsible online gambling legalisation, now stand to benefit huge from the rise of the social casino industry.

No Real Money – No Risk

Social casino games come in a variety of styles and play-models, but the gist that stands central to the sector is that of users engaging with online casino-style games but without any real-money gambling present. Social casino games basically mimic real money gambling games in every way but for the fact that virtual currencies are the official tender. Plus, they can be accessed on platforms like Facebook, so they are immediately accessible to a huge user-base.

Not only is gaming betting on social casino gambling games, but so are consumers. Since there exists no real chance of loss or gain, the risks associated with social casino games when compared to the perceived risks associated with real-money online gaming, are basically non-existent. And it’s a relatively risk-free industry with the potential of keeping the US gaming industry away from the door of a full-blown recession.

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