Paysafe To Reward Users With Skrill Knect

By Ben Hamill - December 18 2019

Payments solutions provider Skrill; a business division of leading payment admin group Paysafe; is an award-winning safe online payments service provider. But not only has Skrill pioneered safer roads to travel when navigating the once risky field of online casino payments, it will now be rewarding its loyal customers for making use of its proprietary platform by means of an initiative branded Skrill Knect.

The new loyalty programme initiative was launched as recently as November and will initially be doling out rewards to loyal customers in the form of instant credits and online vouches. Skrill has confirmed that a bigger variety of rewards will be on offer as time wears on; with the most significant of the rewards planned for the future being that of complimentary interests in cryptocurrencies.

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How It Works

Those interested in earning Skrill rewards via Skrill Knect will have to join the initiative by signing up for the benefits on Skrill’s homepage. The rewards will be awarded to customers making use of either standard Skrill payment methods available on the provider’s homepage, or by making use of the supported MasterCard prepaid wallets hosted by Skrill.

Skrill offers a variety of payment solutions extending even well beyond the borders of online casino transactions. These include prepaid credit card payments, the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and even making payments and sending money to friends.

The Journey So Far

Skrill Knect will eventually reward customers in the form of cryptocurrency interests as part of its Skrill Cryptocurrency Service. Skrill first started to become interested and involved in the competitive world of cryptocurrencies during July of last year. Being competitive in the world of digital money is becoming a pre-requisite for success in online business.

Skrill and parent company Paysafe regard cryptocurrencies to be very much the way of the future of payment systems. Skrill only recently launched its specialised Skrill Cryptocurrency service, which service makes it possible to cross-trade Bitcoin with any other supported digital currency available on the platform.

Skrill is fast establishing itself as a leader in digital currency tender and trade and by incorporating a proper rewards system into the business model, one can only imagine the massive potential of what can be expected to become the outcome. Skrill has emphasised the fact that Skrill Knect will be free to use and that the only requirement will be to sign up and become an active member of the rewards service.

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