Red Rake Unveils New 777 Heist Slot

By Ben Hamill - April 08 2020

Red Rake Unveils New 777 Heist Slot

It’s true that there’s nothing quite like a good old cash heist. And those who have always dreamt of nabbing a piece of fine art or a valuable artefact can now indulge in the adventure in a whole new way thanks to a new slot fresh off the production line at Red Rake Gaming. 777 Heist is a masterfully created online slot offering players a large collection of special features. And to make matters even more interesting, it’s been done in such a way that everyone can now count him- or herself a master of the heist.

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Working to get into the museum is half the fun, and players have to enter into the building through the roof so as to avoid triggering the alarms of the security-fortified building. Once the system has been successfully cheated, a smoke bomb becomes the secret weapon and key to access the ultimate loot: the Mona Lisa for a bounty of free spins.

An Art Collector’s Dream

The idea in this slot is to secure as many pieces of fine art on the reels of 777 Heist as possible, as these double up as the high-paying symbols of the game. The idea is to line up three symbols from left to right in a row, either horizontally or vertically. Winning with three symbols not only means cash in the bank, but also an extra wild symbol added to the spot in the middle.

Whenever works of art appear on the slot’s reels, a special meter will start to fill up. Three works of art will fill one-third of the meter, four will fill it two-thirds of the way, and five will fill it all the way to the top. Once the meter is full up, a special spin will be awarded to the player, complete with the activation of all three of the game’s bonus Thief Skills. What will follow next will range from the removal of all symbols save for the wilds from the screen, which will obviously make for some pretty amazing win combinations, or even a 100x multiplier and another session of bonus free spins.

Develop Thief Skills To Win

Thief Skills are also triggered individually in the event that no wilds are tallied from landing 3 or more matching symbols adjacent to one another on the slot’s reels. These are triggered at random and offer more than just consolation prizes.

777 Heist has an RTP of 95.37% and the game is compatible with all devices and across all major operating systems. Fast, fun and sure to appeal to a wide range of players, it looks set to become one of Red Rake’s most popular releases to date.

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