QTech Announces Epic Media Merger

By Ben Hamill - February 13 2020

QTech Announces Epic Media Merger

Major mergers have been known to be the stuff that landmark expansion deals are made of. The latest news populating casino news headlines is a confirmed merger of exactly such a nature and significance, being the merger between leading regulated games distributor QTech Games and renowned industry distribution and supply expert Epic Media.

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The merger is a tailor-made fit for QTech Games, a company currently particularly interested in exponentially expanding its overall reach and global footprint. The merger will enable the brand to supply its online casino games and slots to multiple new world markets; markets already engaged in ongoing supply relationships with entertainment expert Epic Media.

The Stuff Of Milestones

QTech board chairman Markus Nasholm has described the merger agreement as a true landmark milestone deal. The team is excited about the many new opportunities now at their disposal thanks to the merger, confirmed Nasholm. The team furthermore believes that the specialised expertise brought to the table by Epic Media will have long-lasting industry-wide effects on the global games playing field.

What sets QTech apart from the rest of the field is its tenacious flexibility and good judgement when it comes to analysing what the markets want. The supplier has been going strong since its very first day of business and a focus on quality instead of quantity has made a world of difference in terms of growth. Asian markets, especially, are particularly impressed by QTech’s sensible approach to growth in gaming and entertainment.

NYX co-founder, QTech partner and former director of development at both Yggdrasil gaming as well as live casino specialist Evolution Gaming, Staffan Lindgren, said during a recent interview with a major gaming publication that the brand is today the undisputed leader in Asia. So much so, pointed out Lindgren, that everybody else has no other option but to get in line and follow the lead on the double so as to not be left behind or in the lurch.

Success In Helping Others

QTech has furthermore been a first point of connect for many who have wanted to expand into Asia in recent years. This is a company not only interested in working towards its own success, but also in helping others achieve similar victories.

A notable example of exactly such a relationship has been the one between QTech Gaming and UK-based 1X2 Network. QTech in 2018 helped launch 1X2 Network’s virtual football and leading selection of online gambling games into the Asian markets.

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