How PWA Tech Is Changing Mobile Casinos

By Ben Hamill - December 16 2019

If your idea of a good time is sampling your favourite brand of online casino game on the move, then you’re bound to be well acquainted with the specific variety of frustration that goes along with your pastime of choice. Mobile casino games players have to contend with everything from frustratingly long loading times, games stalling on some devices but not on others and in some cases even non-performance. The good news is that the type of technology able to mitigate all of this does exist and its all thanks to; quite ironically when taking into account the tech-giant’s involvement in the general slowdown of things on the mobile casino app front; the genius of Apple.

The tech-giant has developed technology referred to as PWA tech – which is short for Progressive Web App. What it basically refers to is the actual software used to build games and applications for mobile devices; and specifically within the context of our story, mobile casino game apps.

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Apple Did This, But…

Interesting to note too is the fact that despite Apple having initially developed the application and software as tech that would ultimately run along side and eventually even replace its App Store, PWA has become a great deal bigger than that. It is compatible with Android too, and interestingly enough, runs more smoothly on Android systems than what it does on Apple systems.

Also, PWAs are bound to take the industry by storm because of a single significant functionality, and this is the fact that they are so non-taxing on a system that they’re even able to run with magnificent and smooth efficiency on slower connections such as 3G connections. This obviously opens up an entirely separate world of big-scale opportunities that extent beyond mobile casino playability.

Connecting You, Connecting Me

What makes PWA tech to be so efficient is that it combines typical native app tech with web-based performance. This is incidentally also what makes it to be exceptionally well suited to the world of mobile casino games, especially since Apple’s native app conditions were launched earlier on this year.

The world of mobile casino tech has never before looked quite this exciting or promising and we can expect to see and hear a great deal more about PWA technology in the future. Also, it may be time to rekindle the old love of mobile casino games as we head into an era of constant connectivity and playability.

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