Playtech Owns Up To Past Failures

By Ben Hamill - May 29 2020

Playtech Owns Up To Past Failures

Leading casino technology and games provider Playtech has said that it is more than willing to assume full responsibility for its former failures regarding social responsibility, and that despite whatever may have transpired in times gone by, the provider now is not the same as that of years before, having since stepped up its commitment to the mental health safety of players by considerable measures.

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Playtech’s statement is in response to a UK Gambling Commission prior statement and investigation, which UKGC statement comments what the gambling regulator deemed “systematic” failings on the part of Playtech’s PT Entertainment Services holdings company. The statement relates to historic failures and occurrences and has been issued following a mandatory follow-up revisionary process led by new Playtech interim chairperson, Claire Milne.

Playtech No Longer The Same

Playtech’s Milne-driven statement furthermore confirms that despite the provider having at the time of the initial UKGC investigation forked out £619,395 in donations as a means to a fitting penalty response following the PTES regulatory debacle, the company has now reached the decision to increase the amount in remedial donations to £3.5 million. This despite Playtech having shut down its PTES subsidiary even before the initial UKGC investigation. The shut-down decision was reportedly taken as part of the group’s decision to focus its efforts instead on B2B activities in the UK, as opposed to B2C platforms.

As for what drove the decision to voluntarily increase the amount to be made in remedial donations, Milne explained that the call to increase was made following consultations with several of Playtech’s shareholders. Said Milne, it was clear that the shareholders in question were of the firm opinion that the brand they know and love today, is a ‘different’ Playtech to the one of years back. As such, an increased peace offering of sorts seemed befitting.

Playtech Wants To Make Amends

The increased donation is intended by Playtech to send a clear message to shareholders, players and the UK Gambling Commission, that the ‘who’ Playtech aspires to be today and in the future, is a very different ‘who’ when compared to the approach the company used to apply in the past.

The UKGC’s investigation into PTES was launched after the commission received a complaint from the family of a 25-year-old former customer who in April 2017 sadly took his own life after having fallen into a disastrous and certainly tragic cycle of financial difficulties due to an addiction to gambling the UKGC ruled had been magnified largely as a result of serious and “unacceptable” failings on the parts of Playtech and its then-subsidiary PTES.

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