Microgaming Extends Support For Gordon Moody

By Ben Hamill - December 22 2020

Microgaming Extends Support For Gordon Moody

Microgaming’s PlayItForward initiative has gone from strength to more incredible strength ever since it was first launched some 6 years ago in 2014. Since then, PlayItForward has donated over £1.8 million to community initiatives and charities – with the Gordon Moody Association but one of the charities that has benefited, and that will continue to benefit, from the program and funding.

Microgaming has announced that it will continue and extend its support for the association, and that it will do so in the form of charity aid provided to the families of those receiving help and therapy for problem gambling.

The Gordon Moody Association has for nearly five decades long provided problem gamblers in need of help and guidance with educational as well as therapeutic and recovery support. The association does this by offering to beneficiaries an extensive range of treatment and therapy services – including counseling programs, retreat initiatives, several residential treatment centres, and even housing intended to avoid and prevent relapse.

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Creating Comfort For Families

The money invested in the association’s work and initiatives will be put towards a “comfort fund”, Gordon Moody Association Head of Growth, Rob Mabbett, has said. A comfort fund is intended to help the families of those struggling with problem gambling and related issues to achieve peace of mind from a mental as well as an emotional perspective regarding the treatment received by their loved ones.

PlayItForward has a achieved a whole lot in terms of supporting local community initiatives all throughout 2020. Organisations to have benefited throughout the year – other than Gordon Moody – include YGAM (Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust) and Motiv8, a company that specialises in the improvement of health and prevention of harm using data-driven insights and real-gaming information.

Why Support Gordon Moody?

The Gordon Moody Association plays a leading and vital role in the local community, said Microgaming Director of Compliance, Kimberley Broad, of the online casino software giant’s decision to extend its support offered to the organisation. For this reason, said Broad, it remains a privilege for the Microgaming team to be able to donate funds towards such a phenomenal cause.

PlayItForward supports an extensive range of community aid projects and initiatives on the Isle of Man. More than 100+ members of staff each year volunteer to support the causes invested in by the company. At any given point in time, an estimated 20+ local community events receive aid from Microgaming’s PlayItForward initiative and the staff that so faithfully support it.