Microgaming’s PlayItForward Exceeds All Expectations

By Ben Hamill - May 06 2019
PlayItForward Celebrates A Special Milestone

It’s been exactly a year since casino software giant Microgaming took up the challenge of social responsibility in a dedicated and fresh new way by inviting employees to be the ones to nominate charities who they consider in need of assistance from the developer’s PlayItForward initiative. The tech-giant is renowned for its mindful approach towards its operators and players in all of the many ways that really matter, but it obviously wants its circle of making a difference to be wider than just its own front-porch. And so it came to be that the Microgaming PlayItForward Initiative was bestowed into the hands of Microgaming’s own employees and, says management, what a wonderful breath of fresh air it’s been!

How the initiative works, is that Microgamingemployees are invited to nominate charities of their own choice; charities who they (the employees) deem to be in need of financial assistance. The invitation from management was a simple one: nominate a charity of your choice; a charity close to your heart who you believe to be in need of assistance.

Many people are familiar with the annual soapbox race staged by PlayItForward, but not many realise the incredible reach of its helping hand.

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Employees 100% On Board

Some of the charities to have received assistance from the initiative include public health programs, education-driven organisations, humanitarian aid initiatives and sport organisations workings towards developing athletes and players of various sports not able to do it all on their own steam.

It was in April of last year that the Isle of Man-based technology giant announced to its employees that they were to be the new custodians of the initiative, and that going forward, all of charity-nominations would hinge on a voting-scheme type model. The aim was to encourage corporate engagement, but not even management would have seen what was about to happen, coming.

Over the course of the 12 months since the employees were put in charge of the nominations process, more than 4,000 charity-nominations have been received. Microgaming no doubt has its hands of charity quite full!

About More Than Just A Vote

But, says senior CSR manager Kate Moughtin, what really impressed management no end, was the fact that employees did more than just vote and nominate; they actually stepped up to the challenge in a very personal way by volunteering not only their opinions, but also their time.

Moughtin said that ever since the new way of doing things was announced, the number of volunteers willing to sacrifice their own time and even in some cases, their own money and resources, has increased more than ten-fold!

Now that’s what we like to call a healthy dose of Microgaming magic!

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