Online Gaming and Your Security

By Ben Hamill - December 12 2016
Gaming and Security

Before you start playing at the online casino for real money you will want to examine your online casino gaming options. Each online casino site offers a different itinerary of casino amenities so it’s important to do your homework before you choose your casino.

Some of the issues that you’ll want to review include checking the games that the casino offers, assessing the casino bonuses and looking at the gaming platforms that will be available.

Overriding all of these issues, however, is the question of whether you can count on the casino’s online account security.

Each casino has its own method of making sure that their clients will be able to rely on a safe and secure casino event. By inspecting the steps that the casino takes to keep your account data private and protected you’ll be able to identify the right online casino for your gaming activities.

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Online Gaming

Up until 20 years ago, casino gaming could only be enjoyed by taking a trip to a land-based casino site. Most of the casinos were located in the states of Nevada and New Jersey, though additional, smaller casinos were scattered on tribal reservations where First Nations were allowed to operate legal gambling settings.

If you wanted to bet and play without adding on the expenses of traveling and accommodations you had few choices. These included local pick-up games of poker and blackjack among neighbors and friends, provincial lotteries or activities offered by local bookies or underground gaming locales.

In the 1990s, two changes made gambling easier and more accessible to Canadian players. First, more brick-and-mortar casino sites were built to accommodate the desire of Canadians to enjoy casino gambling in their own cities.

The second change, which affected millions of potential players throughout Canada, was the introduction of the casino online. The online casino, which opened in 1996, offered easy access and convenient gambling entertainment to gamers who could enjoy their favourite casino games from the comfort of their own homes. The online casino connected to all major operating systems so everyone could create a casino account and play at their leisure on their desktop or laptop device.

Online Banking

Putting the casino games online was a matter of allowing the gaming software to interface with Internet technology. Once the HTML5 language was introduced the online casinos were able to add high definition imagery, easy game controls, interactive features and authentic sound effects to the games.

All of the games were available to online gamers who could play for free in the casino’s Free Mode, but for players who preferred to play for real, it was important to find a safe and secure method of online banking that would allow each gamer to make deposits and collect payouts in his own currency.

It took many years for the online banking industry to evolve from regular bank-initiated services and credit and debit card transaction options to the variety of digital banking opportunities that are presently offered.

Today players can play for real money through any of the dozens of casino-supported online banking institutions including through evoucher and ewallet cards, credit and debit cards, echecks and ebanks that facilitate transfers to and from the client’s local Canadian bank account via wire or direct transfers.

Is Your Money Secure?

When you play real money casino games, you’ll need to choose an ebank that interfaces with your casino. You will need to create a link from your casino account to your ebank and then another link from your ebank to your local Canadian bank account or to your personal credit or debit card.

The online casino’s banking page will provide you with all of information that you need to facilitate this link. Each online casino has its own list of casino-supported online banking institutions so you have your pick of any of multiple digital banks.

Online casino security ensures that you will be able to facilitate your transactions quickly and easily in a secure environment. The casino employs 128-bit encryption technology. As the data flows between your casino account and your ebank account, no one will be able to hack either account or intercept any of the data as your transaction is being completed.

Another way that you can answer the question of “is your money secure” while you play at the casino involves checking that the casino is monitored by an internationally recognized casino regulatory agency such as the Kahnawake Commission, the eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) Agency or the Malta Gaming Authority. These supervisory bodies monitor the online casino banking activities to ensure that casino patrons are assured of safe digital banking practices.


The online casino interfaces with ebanks that are recognized as secure online banking options for gamers who want to play for real money.

Ebanks offer an effective and efficient way for people to manage their money when they gamble. These ebanks provide Internet banking security for their clients via secure sockets layer encryption technology. Online banking account activity is thus verified through the account’s safety features.

The ebanks warn their customers about ways to avoid identity theft and theft of funds via SWIFT, the Society for the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. The SWIFT messaging network connects the world's banks towards a united focus on security measures that will improve user security.

Your Responsibility

Regardless of how much security the online casino and the ebank provide, you are still ultimately responsible for your casino banking safety. This has never been more true as it is today, particularly since online banking is now mobile-enabled. Through mobile banking you can play for real money via your mobile device.

Make sure that you enjoy the best online banking options for your casino gaming by:
• Checking rates — compare and contrast the rates of the various ebanks to ensure that you’re getting the best rates possible. These rates include exchange rates, if you’re planning on moving your money from one currency to another, and rates for deposits, withdrawals, sending and receiving funds.
• Reviewing services — Will you be able to pay bills online? Does the ebank offer online tax forms, budgeting tools, investment analysis tools and budgeting tools? The ebanks that provide these tools free of charge create a more user-friendly ebanking experience.
• Answering the question ” is your money secure” — make sure that your online banking institution is monitored by an international supervisory body such as the UK Financial Authority.

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