Online Casinos FAQ

By Ben Hamill - February 09 2016

Why is Regulation Important?

The market for online casinos is still really young. The first online casinos were introduced in 1999, making the online gaming market one of the youngest in the world. One big difference between the internet as a whole, mobile tech, and other 21st century markets is that in order to fully enjoy online gambling you have to deposit money.

Unlike a bank which has branch offices, you must "send" your deposits online. Regulation and certification of online casinos ensures that the casino is following established protocols for the safety of your money whilst the casino is holding it pursuant to your gaming.

Why Are There So Many Different Ways to Deposit Money at an Online Casino?

Every banking method out there enables someone to deposit who could not, would not, or would prefer not to deposit any other way. For example, whilst the easiest way to deposit for many players is directly from their credit card, some wish to remove their personal bank from the process so they deposit from an eWallet.

The best online casinos will have twenty or more banking outlets. These may include several eWallets. There is great competition amongst the various eWallets for everyone's eCommerce money. Competition being good, it is to platers' advantage for an online casino to accept deposits from several eWallets.

How do I Know that My Money is Safe at the Casino?

The casino has no reason to make your money unsafe for itself or for any third party. Hackers do try to hack into casino financial accounts but they fail because every reputable casino has state-of-the-art encryption for all its financial records.

Every online casino knows that it would be doomed were the public to find out that it had been hacked. So they take their security apparatus very seriously.

Why is it Important for an Online Casino to Have 24/7 Customer Support?

Some casinos still take the weekend off. If you haven't contacted them by "closing time" on Friday, you have to wait until they "open for business" on Monday. Of course, you can still gamble on these sites on the weekend, you just can't get anyone to talk to.

Even casinos that have 24/7 support, sometimes close up for certain holidays. The best customer support is 24/7/365.

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What Kind of Games are there at an Online Casino?

Online casinos have all of the classic casino games. These are usually table games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps. But they also include hundreds of different slots games, many video poker games, bingo, scratch cards, and parlour games.

An online casino has a big advantage over land-based casinos because online there is for all practical purposes unlimited space to offer new games or variations of classic games. At a land-based casino, the exact opposite is true: because of space restrictions and the high cost of building a casino on land, land-based casinos can't offer anywhere close to the number and variety of games that an online casino can offer.

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How Can I be Sure that the Game I Would Like to Play is Fair and Honest?

Every respectable online casino submits its Random Number Generator to frequent inspection and review.

What is the Random Number Generator?

Much of the success of online casinos is owed to the RNG, as it's called. This device takes the casino completely out of the outcome of any game at any time. Because the casino has no control over game outcomes, it needs to be extremely well financed. Two players could win big jackpots in close time proximity to each other. The casino must have enough money on hand to pay both big winners.

The RNG is the software that allows the casino to say that it is 100% honest and aboveboard and almost all are. When you have a run of good luck, it is the RNG that is working for you by chance; when you have a run of poor luck the RNG is working for other gamers by chance!

Why do Some Watchdog Sites Refer to Some Casinos as "Rogue Casinos"?

Some online casinos try, foolishly I might add, to circumvent the need for absolute privacy and security. There are many watchdog sites that review online casinos. If one of these non-governmental oversight pages identifies a casino as a "rogue casino" you can be sure that the casino was very uncooperative when the watchdog site contacted it for information to relay to consumers, online gamers.

Aren't the Odds Against Winning a Progressive Jackpot Extremely High?

Yes, of course they are. If you're the kind of person who never buys a lottery ticket then by all means never play for a progressive jackpot! There are many other ways to enjoy a session of online gaming without wagering on the small possibility that you'll win a big progressive jackpot.

What does Payback Percentage Mean?

Payback is the percentage of wagered money that is returned to gamers, overall.

Online casinos return to players, collectively, about 96% of all the money the players wager collectively. Interestingly, video poker returns the highest percentage of money wagered, over 98%.

Can I Expect to Get Back 96% of the Money I Wager?

Most online gamers get back less than 96% of money wagered. Many get back far more than 100%. That's why it's called gambling and why we need to be lucky to win.

We like to gamble online because for most of us it's a harmless pastime, a form of entertainment. We don't gamble large sums that we can't afford to lose.If you feel that you do have a gambling problem, the casino can help you manage your account so you wager only a safe and moderate amount whenever you come online.

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