Yggdrasil Gaming To Launch Publishing Division

By Ben Hamill - February 02 2020


It’s almost time for ICE London and Yggdrasil Gaming is ready to launch right off the mark with a promise to customers of their being able to grab hold of the “keys to its kingdom”. What Yggdrasil is bringing to the table this year is a complete overhaul of its internal structure so as to make room for customers having the opportunity to as it were “buy in” on various aspects of its franchise. It hopes to achieve this by having added a brand-new division to its current corporate layout. The content supplier’s newly established Publishing leg of operations will act as an umbrella-charter of sorts and will focus specifically on empowering customers / operators to enter into a business-to-business partnership, aka a B2B partnership, with Yggdrasil Gaming.

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 The gaming and operational supply giant will be launching the new concept at this year’s London ICE, much like it did a few years ago when it first introduced its YG Masters (developer-partner) programme; which incidentally, will be assimilated in its totality by Yggdrasil Publishing.

Creating Core Value

Licensing and support will be offered for every aspect of Yggdrasil’s entire scope of operations. This includes the company’s actual games, its proprietary platform, its range of operator-backend and adaptation tools as well as its core interface product.

The core “value propositions” have been identified for the company’s Publishing leg of business. They are:

  • YG Masters – game development and game distribution
  • YG Franchise – platform IP licensing
  • YG Game IP – game IP licensing

Yggdrasil Gaming’s Publishing division will effectively act as a support and membership system, much in the same way as would a Tim Hortons franchise to the chain’s individual stores.

Free But Protected & Supported

The new model aims to allow B2B partners the freedom to operate individually, whilst being part of a bigger support system and network. And according to the supplier’s new head of Publishing, Bjorn Krantz, those who stand to benefit most from the new independent support structure are operators, development studios and suppliers. The structure allows the company to move its business biosphere into an entirely new direction and ultimately reinvigorates every aspect of trade not only for Yggdrasil Gaming itself, but also for operators and perhaps most importantly, their players. 

Its an initiative that is being regarded as a game-changer by the company and we daresay that this may very well prove to be the general consensus of all involved once its fully launched into the markets.

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