Play’n GO Unveils New Gold Volcano Slot

By Ben Hamill - July 21 2020

Play’n GO Unveils New Gold Volcano Slot

It’s barely been two weeks since star online casino games developer Play’n GO released its Nyjah Huston: Skate for Gold slot, and already the developer giant is back again with yet another new stunning release.

Gold Volcano is the latest online slot to have erupted from out of Play’n GO’s award-winning studio, and the 8-reel creation promises to be more than just a small-time smoke-affair. And looking at the volcano-shaped set of reels created by the 8-count setup, it’s hard not to anticipate exactly the type of success Play’n GO says it counts on achieving with its latest stunning creation.

The Swedish developer made use of an official media-announcement when it lifted the veil off its latest creation.

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When Theme Meets Gameplay

But the mountainous volcano created by the reel-set isn’t only about creating a visual masterpiece, because it also creates an all-new twist on the idea of a cascading grid slot. This, says the developer, represents a truly inventive twist on a formula that has proved itself supremely successful and popular in the past.

Play’n GO has been prolifically creating new games ever since the beginning of the year. And, says the developer, the idea is to have released 52 stunning new online slots by the time 2020 draws to a close.

What’s more, the developer also said that it has been focusing intensely on creating games that rely on a link existing between theme and actual gameplay. Gold Volcano is obviously a premium example of exactly how this is implemented. The upwards-cascading symbols really do seem to be bubbling in an upward direction - much like volcanic lava would.

New Dimensions Tell New Stories

According to Chief Product Officer Martin Zettergren, the latest online slot release is shaping up to be not only a gold-star release, but also a precious jewel in the developer’s already jewel-encrusted crown. The random base-game features, said Zettergren, have been created in such a manner that they perfectly mimic the unpredictability of a real-life erupting volcano.

Lesser-explored themes such as erupting volcanos and professional skateboarding (Skate for Gold) have proved the perfect method for bringing a whole new dimension to the way in which the developer’s games are created, said Zettergren in a recent statement. Bringing new dimensions to online slots entertainment provide entirely new experiences to players – and along with titles telling actual stores, said the CPO, the result has been that of a title such as Gold Volcano.

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